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Adam Levine Is 'Trying His Best To Make Things Better' With 'Upset' Behati Prinsloo -- But He Just Craves 'Female Attention'

Adam Levine Is 'Trying His Best To Make Things Better' With 'Upset' Behati Prinsloo -- But He Just Craves 'Female Attention'

Can Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s marriage survive this scandal? And why did he even bother flirting with so many women when he has his very own Victoria’s Secret angel at home?

Fans have had SO many questions ever since allegations broke that Adam had an alleged affair with an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh sometime in the recent past. He has since clapped back at her claims, arguing they never had a physical affair but he admitted to crossing the line by texting other girls while in a committed relationship. Understatement of a lifetime…

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Ever since this news made headlines on Monday, the 34-year-old pregnant Namibian model has been incredibly quiet about her thoughts on the situation… but now some sources are filling in the blanks! According to an insider close to Behati who spoke with People on Tuesday, she is understandably “very upset” but trying to work through this ordeal for the sake of her kids. The couple currently shares Dusty Rose, 5, and Gio Grace, 4, with another one on the way. The source said:

“He admitted that he went behind her back and has been inappropriate. He admitted that he acted like an idiot. She is still very upset though.”

The insider stressed Behati is “100 percent committed to her family.” If only her hubby was, too! Just saying! In the wake of this scandal, the Maroon 5 star is working hard to do damage control, as the source continued:

“Adam is very understanding about her feelings. He is trying his best to make things better. He never wants a divorce.”

Another confidant told the outlet every marriage has “its challenges, but Adam knows this was his mistake.” Duh! Despite his habit of flirting with others, he wants to stay with Behati, they added:

“He is committed to Behati and wants to make things work.”

But if he’s so committed to his wife, why risk their marriage in the first place? Not to mention this wasn’t a one-time thing either! At this point, we’ve heard from SEVERAL women who claim he was sliding into their DMs — stretching back years. Another insider close to the musician pointed out:

“He was messaging her [Sumner], being flirtatious with three women. One of them — she specifically said they have a physical relationship but he is completely denying that to friends.”

For the record, we’ve heard from at least five women now! The source also stressed:

“Nothing physical happened. He swears it.”

Again: why? Be prepared to roll your eyes! Adam just craves “female attention.” Seriously?? They continued:

“Why would he do this? He liked the attention. He likes it more than most.”

Hah! Bet he doesn’t like the attention now!

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Interestingly, it also sounds like the husband and wife could have been struggling during the pandemic. As we’ve mentioned, the timeline of Adam’s many text controversies has been a little up in the year, but they mostly happened during the pandemic. An important point since “during COVID-19” Adam “was isolated.” But, no, this wasn’t a Ross Geller situation, the insider dished:

“[They] definitely didn’t break up and they weren’t on a break.”

But were they physically separated? Or was Adam just “isolated” from the rest of the world — like everyone else during the lockdown?? Hmm. As for why Adam would be bold enough to ask his alleged mistress if he could name his next child after her, the source teased:

“People don’t know what he was thinking.”

LOLz! So true!

As mentioned, Adam’s already denied the allegations against him and remained confident he and Behati “will get through [this] together.” They were spotted earlier this week for the first time since becoming a trending topic — and miraculously, they actually looked happy. But time will tell whether or not they can really stay a united front amid a growing pile of allegations. Reactions?!

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