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YouTube Diving Crew Believe They Found Body Of Man Missing For Nearly 20 Years!

YouTube Diving Crew Say They Found Remains Believed to Be of Man Missing for Almost 20 Years

Wow! A group of volunteer divers may have helped bring closure to a missing person case that has been ongoing for 18 years!

Adventures with Purpose, a group of scuba divers who help solve cold cases and document their discoveries on YouTube, revealed on Sunday they found the presumed remains of James Amabile, a 38-year-old man who was last seen in December 2003 in Pennsylvania.

According to diver Doug Bishop (inset), he and his team worked with Amabile’s family to retrace his steps on the morning of his disappearance. Because the man was diabetic, they determined that he may have been affected by a condition known as diabetic hypoglycemia, which can cause people with low blood sugar to get confused.

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On the importance of making that connection, Doug explained:

“[His condition] frequently left him in areas that he never knew how he got there, because of diabetic episodes.”

He had also overslept that morning, calling a babysitter who was watching his two young children right before he left the house that he was on his way. So the combination of this stress and confusion could have resulted in usual behavior. Bishop continued:

“Knowing that, combined with the fact that he overslept, we then worked the theory of him being in a diabetic episode and something may have happened.”

The team’s investigation ultimately led them to look into the Darby Creek in Ridley Township in Pennsylvania. Remarkably, they were able to find a car with human remains inside! In the description of the video, the team detailed:

“After searching several waterways our investigation took us to Stingers waterfront where 18 years later we were able to utilize technology not available at the time of his disappearance, to uncover a submerged vehicle in Darby creek 200 yards away, 24 feet beneath the surface.”

During a live stream on YouTube, Bishop expressed confidence that they had found the missing man the divers were searching for, saying:

“We are confident that we have discovered not only Mr. Amabile’s vehicle, but his human remains, as well.”

In an interview with ABC 6 Philadelphia, he later added:

“It’s the answers they need necessary to move forward.”

While Adventures with Purpose and Amabile’s family are sure that James has been found, local law enforcement has yet to attach a name to the human remains. The Ridley Township Police Department confirmed the discovery in a statement on Sunday, saying that a missing vehicle with human remains had been found on Saturday, adding:

“Team Divers from Adventures with Purpose along with members of the Ridley Township Police Department, Delaware County Medical Examiner’s Office, Leedom Fire Company, and the Ridley Township Marina Staff assisted in the removal of underwater evidence. The Delaware County Medical Examiner’s Office is examining the human remains for positive identification. At this time we will not be releasing the identity of the missing person.”

As of now, the car has not been removed from the water. Interestingly, a nearby dock was recently replaced and during that construction, a pylon was placed directly through the vehicle. The diving crew was shocked to see that but insisted that the construction workers likely didn’t know they had struck anything in the water — though they should have surveyed the area before beginning the project.

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While police hold off identifying the remains until more evidence comes to light, James’ brother Stephen Amabile is sure. He told the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“It’s my brother. They found him.”

Having waited nearly 19 years for answers, Stephen is still wrapping his mind around the discovery, sharing:

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything. I’ve gotten used to not expecting anything, and I tuned a lot of things out. But it didn’t take them very long to figure out there was an SUV down there.”

In the description of their video, Adventures with Purpose kindly sent their condolences to James’ loved ones, writing:

“At this moment we want to take a moment to express our sympathies to the entire Amabile family as they navigate this tragic outcome to a nightmare that has lasted 18 years.”

To hear more on this discovery, check out the videos (below).

What an amazing thing this volunteer group is doing to bring closure and answers to grieving families. This is a terribly sad outcome to this missing person case, but at least the family can begin to heal knowing what happened.

[Image via ABC 6 Philadelphia/YouTube]

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