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Aguilera Gets Diva Over Poor Magazine Sales

Christina Aguilera is said to be so fuming about the lack of interest in her recent People magazine cover that she has fired her day-to-day manager, her PR firm (BWR) and an assistant.
The cover, featuring 5-week old son Max Liron, has apparently only sold about 1.3 million copies, less than their usual selling amount.
Maybe if Christina was married to another celeb, there might have been more interest.
The mag paid Aguilera over $1 million for the use of those photos.
According to reports, a source said, “She went crazy and had a massive tantrum. It was astonishing. She was absolutely furious and blamed her staff for the way everything had been handled. She decided BWR had to go, then gave her day-to-day manager and one of her assistants their marching orders too.”
Jennifer Lopez and hubby Skeletor, though, are expected to receive close to $5 million for photos of them with their newborn twins. Wonder if that $5 million investment will pay off? Or will Jen be firing her people as well?

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Feb 25, 2008 12:09pm PDT