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Boeing 737 Windshield CRACKS During Landing In Portland! Scary!

Boeing 737 windscreen cracks during landing

Another day, another Boeing mishap… Another reason to pick a different plane??

According to The US Sun, an Alaska Airlines flight was landing at Portland International Airport from Washington DC on Sunday night when the inner windshield on the Boeing 737 aircraft suddenly cracked! So scary!

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Thankfully, the pilots were able to land the plane safely without any loss of cabin pressure due to its five-layer screen. No injuries were reported among the 159 passengers and six crew members on board. Alaska Airlines later confirmed the incident in a statement, saying:

“The crew followed their checklists and the aircraft continued safely to its destination as scheduled. Alaska Airlines’ 737 fleet are outfitted with five-layer windscreens that have an outer pane, three inner layers and an inner pane. If an inner pane cracks, the other pane and layers can maintain cabin pressure.”

The company also noted the plane will be inspected and repaired by engineers. But… can we trust it?

Perezcious readers know Boeing has been under a ton of scrutiny as of late due to their aircraft issues. Just days ago, another Boeing plane was found to be missing an external panel after a short flight. And, of course, we all can recall the terrifying incident in which a door blew off an Alaska Airlines plane while it was in mid-flight earlier this year. Oof.

Boeing further made headlines due to the death of John Barnett. He had worked in quality control for the company in South Carolina but decided to turn whistleblower and reported manufacturing problems in the planes Boeing was making in his plant. He claimed the company retaliated against him for speaking out, resulting in his retirement. And they’ve been going through years of litigation since then. Amid giving depositions about the alleged malpractice and safety issues, though, Barnett suddenly died — reportedly by suicide. Given the lawsuit against Boeing, one family friend already suspects foul play is involved. Police are investigating his death thoroughly now.

All of this is certainly not a good look for Boeing. And when it comes to hurtling through the air in a metal tube at hundreds of miles per hour? We’re going to go with a better safe than sorry approach we think.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? What’s the scariest thing to happen on a flight you’ve been on?? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via KOIN 6/YouTube]

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