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Mother 'Drenched' In Breast Milk On Airplane -- Because They Refused To Let Her Pump?!

Mother Suing Airline After They Allegedly Wouldn’t Let Her On With Pump -- She Got ‘Drenched’ In Her Own Breast Milk!

A new mother is taking Delta Airlines to court after they allegedly refused to let her board with her breast pump!

Erika Geraghty (not pictured above, that’s from The Cry) is suing the airliner after they allegedly “forced” her to either discard or check one of her carry-on bags — one of which contained breast milk, and the other her breast pump, per court docs obtained by People.

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She says in the suit she was heading to John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, where her newborn son awaited her. Apparently, she cited Delta’s women’s rights policy, which exempts a breast pump as a personal item, but to no avail. She claimed she was dealt a “draconian dilemma” — sacrifice “the vital sustenance for her son or the indispensable instrument for its procurement.”


Ultimately, she was able to save both by condensing her items and checking her pump, which ended up costing her on the “grueling” four-hour flight. She claimed her breasts became engorged after not being able to pump, leading her to becoming “drenched in her own milk gushing from her breasts.”


She said it was so bad people definitely noticed. And to make matters even worse, when she got off the flight and picked up her checked bag, her pump was apparently “shattered” — which made it difficult to feed her child.

That’s MESSED up.

Delta has since responded, denying all her allegations, but Erika is seeking economic and punitive damages, as well as civil penalties and statutory penalties.

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[Images via ABC/YouTube]

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