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Alec Baldwin Likely To Face 'Homicide' Charge For Rust Shooting?! See The New Evidence!

Alec Baldwin sits down with police for interview following Rust shooting

Wow, we really didn’t think it was possible. But Alec Baldwin may soon be charged with a crime in connection with the fatal Rust shooting.

In October of last year, the film star discharged a prop pistol on the set of a Western called Rust, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. The more the tragic incident was investigated, the more it seemed like multiple individuals might not have followed safety protocols — and therefore might be legally responsible for the DP’s death.

At first it seemed clear Santa Fe County District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies did not plan to charge Alec himself. He was to a large degree reliant on others, like the armorer; there never should have been live ammunition on set at all after all. She told Good Morning America back in November 2021:

“It’s probably more important to focus on what led up to the shooting. Because the moment of the shooting we know that at least Mr. Baldwin had no idea that the gun was loaded. So it’s more how did that gun get loaded? What levels of failure happened? And were those levels of failure criminal?”

Now, however, the idea Baldwin is in the clear is very much in question. Over the past few months the 30 Rock star has comported himself really poorly, consistently denying he pulled the trigger, for instance — something no one could understand or believe — and seemingly going after Halyna’s widower, Matthew Hutchins. It didn’t help that certain right wing pundits were, in very bad faith, gleefully accusing him of murder.

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This week we got the biggest hint yet that Alec MAY in fact be charged. In an August letter to the New Mexico Board of Finance, Carmack-Altwies requested extra funding for the prosecution of “up to four” people! Writing in the bombshell letter, which just went public on Monday, that her office had finally received evidence they’d been waiting on from the FBI she revealed:

“Only a few items are outstanding but are expected any day. I am ready to start the decision of what individuals will be criminally charged in this case. If charges are warranted, the FJDA anticipates prosecuting up to four (4) individuals.”

She further illustrated the gravity of the four possible prosecutions, saying “in each of those charges, we will probably include some variation of our homicide statute.”

As part of the plea for more funding, she points out that they expect to face “well-paid and experienced defense lawyers,” specifically adding:

“One of the possible defendants is well-known movie actor Alec Baldwin.”


It really, really sounds from this letter that Alec is in serious danger of being charged with some form of homicide — we’d guess involuntary manslaughter?

Something that’s been seen as further evidence Baldwin might be preparing for a major legal battle? He’s liquidating a lot of assets — most recently selling off a real estate property he’s owned for decades! He bought his estate in Amagansett way back in 1996, but after 26 years he’s listing the fancy Hamptons property for a BOATLOAD — $29 million, according to the NY Post, who broke the story on Thursday. That’s actually a heck of a profit for Alec, who paid only $1.75 mil for it! But why sell now? Does he need to pay some legal bills?

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All this is speculation, obviously. It’s not looking good to us — but what does Alec’s lawyer have to say? Attorney Luke Nikas told Deadline the media is drawing “false conclusions” from the DA’s letter. He explained:

“During my communications with the DA’s office just a few weeks ago, after the August 30 funding request was submitted, I was told that it would be premature to discuss the case because they had not yet reviewed the file or deliberated about their charging decision. It is irresponsible to report otherwise.”

He added:

“The DA has made clear that she has not received the sheriff’s report or made any decisions about who, if anyone, might be charged in this case. The DA’s office must be given the space to review this matter without unfounded speculation and innuendo.”

It kinda sounds like Nikas doesn’t know much more than we do at this point. Innerestingly, this is the same attorney who said the OSHA report back in April “exonerates” Baldwin.

Do YOU think Alec Baldwin will be charged in Halyna Hutchins’ death? Who else??

[Image via Santa Fe County Sheriff/MEGA/WENN/Alec Baldwin/Instagram.]

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