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Watch Alec Baldwin Strike Woman's Phone After She Harasses Him About Rust Shooting!

Alec Baldwin Strikes Woman's Phone After She Harasses Him About Rust Shooting

Alec Baldwin crossed the line AGAIN! This time after a woman harassed him about Gaza… and then the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins. Oof.

In a video posted to X (Twitter), the 66-year-old actor can be seen at a coffee shop in New York City when the woman filming starts to heckle him about the cinematographer’s death months after a grand jury indicted him for involuntary manslaughter in the Rust shooting. She also repeatedly asks him to say “free Palestine,” though we’re not 100% clear if she’s a pro-Palestine protester or being snarky. She’s certainly being cruel, jabbing at him over and over:

“Alec, can you please say free Palestine one time? Why did you kill that lady? You killed that lady and got no jail time. No jail time, Alec. No jail time, Alec. You’re putting innocent people in jail, Alec Baldwin.”

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An employee at the establishment attempts to stop her from hounding the 30 Rock alum. Meanwhile, Alec walks toward the coffee shop door, opens it, and gestures for the woman to leave, saying:

“Get out.”

Instead, she continues to shout:

“Free Palestine, Alec. Just one time and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll leave you alone, I swear. Just say free Palestine, one time. One time. One time, Alec.”

Getting fed up, Alec tells the employee to call the police about someone “harassing” him. The woman responds:

“You know he’s a criminal. You know he’s a f**king criminal. Come on, Alec, just say ‘Free Palestine’ one time. One time. Just one time, please, and I’ll leave you alone. Free Palestine. F**k Israel. F**k Zionism. Please say it. One time.”

From there, things escalate quickly. Alec asks:

“Can you do me one quick favor?”

He then appears to slap her phone! It happens fast, but we’re pretty sure we can see him lunging out, and the video ends. Whoa! Watch the viral video (below):

It is unknown what happened after Alec strikes her phone. He hasn’t addressed the matter publicly. But clearly, he was beyond irritated by the whole situation.

Obviously Alec has had issues with photographers before, though they were usually professional paparazzi. He hasn’t lost his temper on one in a long time. But this… This was something else. This person was egging him on, almost like they wanted him to lash out!

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[Image via Lu Chau/WENN, MEGA/WENN]

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