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Alex Murdaugh Googled WHAT After Finding Wife & Son's Dead Bodies?!?

Alex Murdaugh Googled WHAT After Finding Wife & Son's Dead Bodies?!?

Damn. This is not a good look for Alex Murdaugh.

As we’ve been following, the former South Carolina lawyer has been on trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Maggie, 52, and son, Paul, 22, on June 7, 2021, on their family’s property. Alex has been adamant that he did not commit the killings, even claiming he wasn’t at home at the time of his family member’s deaths. And while this latest insight doesn’t exactly prove whether or not he’s guilty, it’s sure to cast doubts in the jury’s mind!

In court on Friday, it was revealed that Alex got out his phone and searched for a popular restaurant just 30 minutes after finding his wife and son shot dead! WTF?!

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According to cell phone data, the disgraced legal heir “searched ‘Whaley’s Edisto’ in Safari browser” on his iPhone at 10:40 p.m. while he was standing beside his slain relatives and just 15 minutes after the first cop arrived on the scene. The officer has testified that Alex appeared “upset” but didn’t shed any “visible tears,” according to Page Six. Apparently, he was more focused on grabbing a bite to eat…

Just as shocking, the restaurant, which is located near the Murdaugh family’s main house, also had a menu item called, “Maggie’s favorite burger.” It’s unclear if this meal was named after Maggie Murdaugh or if it has any connection to the family. That said, the Murdaughs have been prominent in the area for decades, so it seems likely. Either way, what a crazy thing to google right after finding two beloved family members murdered!

At 10:38 p.m., Alex also “read” a message he received earlier in the evening from a man named Michael Gunn. Michael had sent a photo of a woman in a bikini on a boat, writing to Murdaugh and two other friends in the group chat:

“She brought the heat to Miami boys”

Again, not exactly the kind of message we think someone would spend their time looking at amid the tragic discovery…

Defense attorney Philip Barber clapped back at the data, claiming it is simply evidence that his client was in shock after finding the bodies. He also suggested Alex could’ve been “fat-fingering” his cell phone and not intentionally looking up the food establishment. Hmm…

This evidence came to light as prosecutors presented a detailed timeline of all the data they’ve collected on Alex’s whereabouts that fateful evening — including his cell phone and car data — to prove he was the one who allegedly killed Maggie and Paul.

Special agent Peter Rudofski, of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), walked the jurors through the crucial moments of the timeline. Things began with a video taken on Paul’s phone at 8:45 p.m. while he was at the dog kennels on their property. Several witnesses have testified that they hear the voices of Paul, Maggie, and Alex in the video — which is huge considering it was taken minutes before the fatal gunshots would go off. Four minutes later, both the victims’ phones “locked forever.”

Prosecutors claim the pair were shot dead shortly after 8:49 p.m. The disbarred attorney has claimed after having dinner with his family, he left the property to visit his mother. When he returned at 10:07 p.m., he claims he called 911 immediately upon discovering his murdered wife and son. His older son, Buster, was away with his girlfriend at the time.

But here’s where prosecutors think things get iffy. Prosecutor Creighton Waters pointed out that Alex’s phone had shown no activity for an hour — until he drove away from the property. Also, he walked more than 70 steps a minute at this time, which was unusual behavior for him. That said, where he was walking wasn’t captured. Still, Waters asked Rudofski:

“He was a busy guy right then, was he?”

He replied:

“It appears.”

Also, the timeline put Murdaugh at the home until 9:07 p.m. — which is more than 15 minutes after investigators believe his wife and son were murdered. And when he did get in the car and drive away, he was racing through country roads at more than 74 mph (well over the 55 mph speed limit). What was the rush? According to prosecutors, when he reached his mother’s home, he parked near a wooded area away from the main house. Authorities believe he may have stashed key evidence there after the killings. Once inside the home visiting his ailing mother, he spent most of the time making calls and sending messages. Then he sped his way back home.

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Amid the hasty drive, the timeline also marked some inneresting details about Maggie’s phone. According to investigators, the backlight on Maggie’s phone turned off at the same time Alex’s SUV drove by the same spot on a two-lane highway. This is also where her phone was found the next day, not far from the family’s home. Hmm. Are they suggesting Alex had something to do with its whereabouts?

This leads us to the infamous 911 call. About 20 seconds after his SUV stopped at the kennels, Alex unsuccessfully tried to call 911 (he accidentally had an extra 1 in the number). He retried and successfully reached a dispatcher about 20 seconds later. That said, is 20 seconds enough time for him to park the car and realize what had happened to his family members?? Depends on who you ask…

In the cross-examination, defense attorney Barber claimed the data didn’t accurately highlight the events of the night. For starters, he noted the step information didn’t include the distance walked nor was it compared to data from previous days, which would have more effectively proven whether or not Alex was walking at an abnormal pace. He also claimed 20 seconds was likely long enough for Alex to have discovered the murders and called 911, stressing that the car’s headlights probably illuminated the incident before he’d even parked.

There’s lots more information where this comes from, including details about Alex’s alleged drug addiction. Take a look at some of the trial highlights (below):

Alex faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted. He’s also facing other financial crimes. Thoughts? What do you think of Alex searching for a restaurant right after discovering the murders?! Let us know (below).

[Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube & Maggie Murdaugh/Facebook]

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