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Bodyguard Says He SAW Amber Heard Punch Johnny Depp!

Amber Heard Punched Johnny Depp Testifies Bodyguard Trial

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Another bodyguard took the stand on Monday in Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial against Amber Heard. And his testimony is the first time in this court that an eyewitness has said they saw abuse with their own eyes.

Travis McGivern worked for Johnny throughout the marriage to Amber (and yes, still works with him to this day). Like many others, he said they began as a “super happy, super loving” couple — but then descended quickly into violent toxicity.

He described verbal abuse that was shocking enough for a married couple, saying Amber called Johnny names such as “f**king deadbeat dad, f**king washed up, f**king c**t… you name it — she’s spewed it.” Yeesh. He said the Aquaman actress went after him occasionally as well, mocking his career in security and calling him Johnny’s “f**king yes man.”

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One thing McGivern said “yes” to? Whether he had seen Amber commit domestic abuse.

The bodyguard testified that after they returned home from the infamous fight in Australia, things only got more severe between them. He told the court about one vicious fight in particular on March 23, 2015 — just a week after they got back. He was there because Johnny had texted him, he said, around 4 a.m. asking him to bring a nurse.

He said the couple got into a bad fight and were yelling when he saw Amber throw a full can of Red Bull at Johnny, hitting him in the back. That caused the bodyguard to jump into action and stand between the couple as the “verbal onslaught continued from both of them.” He said the yelling was one thing and admitted that Johnny “was giving as good as he got.” But the throwing was another — and he “didn’t want my client getting hit with anything else.” He says Amber threw a bag or purse of some kind next, which he did intercept. He added:

“At one point she spit at him.”

Oof. McGivern said Johnny was extremely upset, “especially after she tried to spit on him.” So at one point when Amber and her sister Whitney left the apartment, Johnny went into the upper bedrooms which “had been turned into closets for Ms. Heard, basically” and as the bodyguard put it, “rearranged her closet for her.” He explained by that he meant the former Disney star angrily ransacked her belongings and “threw down probably every rack of clothing and shoes” from the top of the stairs. Sounds like a lot of the rages we’ve heard Johnny could fly into. Hell, he even trashed hotel rooms back in the day, he was known for it. But he wasn’t the one who struck his spouse that day, not according to his bodyguard.

Amber walked in and saw what her husband was doing. McGivern says he saw how upset she was and knew he had to get his boss out of the area — but he didn’t act fast enough:

“At that point, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fist and an arm come across my right shoulder, and I heard and saw a closed fist contact Mr. Depp in the left side of his face. That was Ms. Heard’s fist. Amber Heard’s fist.”

Wow. He says Johnny was floored, not physically but emotionally:

“The initial look on his face kind of mirrored mine, kind of a look of shock. Like, ‘What just happened? Where did that come from?'”

Was this the first time she ever hit him like that? Is that why he was surprised? McGivern says wife or not, it was then 100% bodyguard time:

“At that point, I wasn’t gonna let Mr. Depp get hit any more so I moved him down the last flight of stairs to the lower level and told him, ‘We are leaving.’ It wasn’t up to him anymore. Just for his safety.”

He felt guilty about not doing more beforehand, saying:

He testified that it was a real punch, one that left a “nice little shiner” on Johnny’s face. He described the black eye as “swollen and red” when he saw it but not “black and blue yet.”

Innerestingly, he added that his boss “was not pleased with” him for allowing him to be hit, which made Johnny laugh in court. He explained that Johnny told him the black eye was his fault — and he testified, “and I agreed.”

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The bodyguard denied that Johnny had thrown anything at Amber or that he had shoved Whitney. Amber’s attorney asked if Johnny had been “reaching for Amber’s hair while he was trying to hit her” — which McGivern said was “not correct.”

See his full testimony (below):

What do YOU think, Perezcious paralegals? Does the fact McGivern works for Johnny Depp invalidate his testimony in your eyes? Or is he an actual impartial witness to abuse here?

[Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube.]

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