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American Horror Story: Roanoke Whips Up Some Murder, The Shining References, & Ties To Season One! Read The Recap!

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Season 6 of American Horror Story may still be running with that fake documentary template, but its horror elements seem to go back to the show’s Murder House roots!
That’s what we took from Wednesday’s episode of My Roanoke Nightmare, which blessed viewers with plenty of AHS fanfare — like familiar faces, gruesome imagery, and plenty of callbacks to earlier seasons!
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Episode 2 picks up right where we left off, with Shelby (Sarah Paulson) stumbling upon a group of creepy colonials in the woods who are chasing down a man missing a certain part of his skull.
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Shelby overhears a woman in a bonnet (Kathy Bates) telling the others that the scalped man they were chasing down is a thief, so they strapped homeboy to a split and burned him alive with a pig’s head shoved on his face.
Looked a lot like the bull man from Coven to us…
After the pork roast, we finally get a good look at some of the spirits haunting the residence of our lead characters.
Waking up late at night, reenactment Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) finds two nurses in white uniforms shooting an elderly patient in the head — a scene that suddenly disappears.
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This nod to The Shining becomes more obvious after hearing the nurses’ backstory, provided by Denis O’Hare in a ’90s video tape cameo.
In the tape, the previous tenant explained he came to write a true crime novel about the evil nurses who killed patients to spell out the word “murder” — but were stopped by a more evil force before they got to finish spelling their fave word.
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If we weren’t getting Murder House vibes already, the second episode introduces Flora (Saniyya Sidney), the estranged daughter of Lee (Angela Bassett).
Right away, Flora meets a new invisible friend in the house named Priscilla — who, of course, we find out is bent on killing everyone in the house. Fun!
Flora… Violet… both plant names, get it??
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After hearing about his daughter’s new homicidal friend, Lee’s ex-husband (Charles Malik Whitfield) freaks out and threatens Lee with a loss of visitation rights. The ex-cop responds to this by falling off the wagon and kidnapping her daughter back to the house. Not-so-great parenting, girl.
Left alone to do homework, Flora looks out the window to see a figure beckoning her out front. The family then discovers the child is missing, finding her hoodie wrapped around the trunk of a tree, a hundred feet in the air.
Yikes! Talk about a tree cliff hanger!
What do U think of AHS: Roanoke so far?
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