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Kim Kardashian’s AHS: Delicate Performance Is FINALLY HERE -- Fans Say She ‘Ruined’ Show?!

Kim Kardashian’s AHS: Delicate Performance Is FINALLY HERE -- Fans Say She ‘Ruined’ Show?!

Well, it’s here, Perezcious readers: Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story: Delicate debut… And fans DEFINITELY have thoughts!

On Wednesday night, the first episode of season 12 of Ryan Murphy’s hit horror anthology series dropped. Of course, it delivered the reality star’s highly-anticipated acting performance, which we’ve all been waiting oh-so-patiently for. But was it worth the wait??? Well, we hate to break it to you, but some fans definitely don’t think so!

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Following the episode’s premiere, pretty much EVERYONE rushed to X (Twitter) to start dropping their reviews. Right off the bat, the mother of four’s performance was one of the most highly-criticized aspects. Unimpressed users wrote things like:

“I feel like I gave the new season of #AHS a valiant, open-minded watch but… I can’t. Kim K is an objectively terrible actress.”

“Guys I’m so [f**king] confused what is the new plot of AHS? Why is Kim Kardashian here?”

“Kim sucks at acting. Why is she on this? Ruined it for me.”

“kim kardashian being in this seasons AHS is such a bummerrrr .. i like her and all but to be in this show is crazy”

If you didn’t know, she plays Siobhan Corbyn, a sassy publicist for Emma Roberts’ character, Anna Victoria Alcott — and she DEF channels her own manager momma, Kris Jenner.

And obvi, Kimmy Kakes IS one of the most famous people in the world, so she was bound to have critics whether she hit her performance out of the park or not. The show already has enough drama following Emma’s recent transphobic scandal, too. And while there’s definitely no shortage of critics, the SKIMS founder’s performance was also welcomed by a legion of supportive fans! Seriously!

Surprised viewers wrote things like:

“Kim Kardashian did her thing. She had the odds stacked against her, but she was really giving actress. Props to you @KimKardashian #AHSDelicate”

“Wait a minute… Kim is actually eating on #AHS”

“new ahs actually looks to be slightly scary and have a lot of potential + kim surprised me her acting is decent #AHSDelicate”

“I’m so proud of Kim! #KimKardashian #AHS #americanhorrorstory”

“Dare I say, Kim was not bad. She delivered her lines pretty cleanly. She gave the character some life and wasn’t as monotone as we’re used to seeing her. Kudos “

“Kim K outacting everyone was the biggest shock so far”

See some more hilarious reactions (below):


Did YOU catch the premiere of AHS: Delicate, Perezcious readers?? What did you think of Kim’s performance? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via FX/YouTube]

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