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Emma Roberts Reveals What It's Really Like To Kiss Kim Kardashian! SPOILER: It's Messy!

Emma Roberts Reveals What It's Really Like To Kiss Kim Kardashian

Emma Roberts is not keeping her lips sealed about that kiss with Kim Kardashian!

Last month, the trailer for the second part of American Horror Story: Delicate dropped — and surprised fans with a steamy smooch between the two stars! But it turns out their lip-lock was anything but steamy during filming, at least according to Emma! When asked about the kiss during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, she said:

“It’s kind of like another day at the office, but my sister was like, ‘No, it’s not, you kissed Kim Kardashian and you didn’t tell me.’”

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Girl, sis is right! That is the first story you say when opening up about your day at work before anything else! Even Jimmy Fallon commented:

“You can’t just kiss Kim Kardashian and not tell everybody.”

Exactly! While Emma agreed, she says she forgot about the scene until it appeared in the trailer. How does one forget something like that?! Well, in real life it’s nearly as “intense” as it looks! In fact, it was quite the opposite! Emma shared:

“I know, but we do it, you forget about it and then seeing it, it looked so intense. But meanwhile, we were laughing because we kissed, and they said cut, and Kim looked at me and started laughing.”

Ouch! Talk about a massive blow to the ego if Kim Kardashian is laughing at you post-makeout! But her laughter apparently had nothing to do with Emma’s kissing abilities! Instead, the reality star couldn’t control her reaction after getting lip gloss all over her co-star’s face! Oh no! Emma recalled:

“I was like, ‘What?’ and I just had her gloss all over my face. And so we had to do major cleanup in between every take because she has the most perfect glossed lips, obviously, and it was everywhere.”

Wait, so Kim wears so much lip gloss, a single kiss requires “major cleanup”? Eesh! Maybe she just got extra glossed for the camera? We hope so! If not, note to the next guy who dates the reality queen! (Though we imagine they’ll deal with it! LOLz!)

Watch the entire interview for more info on the latest installment of AHS (below):

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[Image via FX/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

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