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American Couple Mysteriously Dies At Resort In Mexico -- And Now The Paramedics Who Found Them Are Sick?!

American Couple Mysteriously Found Dead At Resort In Mexico

Two American tourists have mysteriously been found dead at a resort in Mexico.

John Heathco, 41, and Abby Lutz, 28, a couple traveling the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, were sadly found dead at the Rancho Pescadero oceanfront hotel in El Pescadero Tuesday, according to ABC News.

A translated news release shared by the state’s Attorney General office on Facebook Wednesday revealed that upon autopsy, the couple’s cause of death appears to be from “intoxication by substance to be determined.” Subsequently, the legal office was able to confirm “no evidence of violence or alteration of the scene was found at the location.” Apparently, the two had already been dead for around 10 to 11 hours by the time they were discovered.

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So sad. What really happened?!

Rancho Pescadero general manager Henar Gil shared his condolences for the tragic deaths in a statement to CNN Thursday, provided by Hyatt Hotels Corporation — and reassured that the situation is still being actively investigated:

“We are truly heartbroken by this terrible tragedy. Our hearts are with the impacted families and loved ones during this unimaginable loss. Local authorities are still actively investigating the situation, and the safety and security of our guests and colleagues remains a top priority, as always. We can confirm there was no evidence of violence related to this situation, and we are not aware of any threat to guests’ safety or wellbeing. We are working to care for those who have been impacted and we are working closely with authorities as they conduct their investigation to understand the cause of death.”

What a difficult situation. Why doesn’t anyone know anything yet?

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Well, a GoFundMe organized by Abby’s stepsister may offer some more details that haven’t yet been addressed by the hotel and investigators. Gabrielle Slate wrote:

“While on a beautiful trip in Mexico, Abby and her boyfriend thought they had food poisoning and went to the hospital to get treatment. We were told they were feeling much better a few days later. We received a phone call saying that they had passed away peacefully in their hotel room in their sleep.”

What?? Why haven’t any officials come forward with these details? Gabrielle shockingly added:

“We have been told it was due to improper venting of the resort and could be Carbon monoxide poisoning.”

If true, what an absolutely tragic and easily preventable situation… Wow. Is the hotel trying to cover it up?? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time…

The grieving stepsister concluded the post:

“Abby was supposed to meet up with her dad this week for Father’s Day and all of this is completely unexpected. We are trying to get Abby home to us so we can have the funeral she deserves. Our family would be so grateful for any help. Abby was the most beautiful soul and we will miss her so much.”

What’s wild is that apparently even the paramedics began to feel sick after being in Abby and John’s hotel room! ABC News reported Friday morning that the medical officials began to feel “intoxication symptoms such as hypoxia and racing heartbeat” after being in the room, and that they had to leave and check into a local hospital for treatment!

Seriously, what’s with all these tourists mysteriously dying while out on what should be peaceful getaways??

Our hearts are with both Abby and John’s families as they navigate this unthinkable time. We hope more official details come out soon. See more (below):


[Images via John Heathco/LinkedIn & Gabrielle Slate/GoFundMe, & KTLA 5/YouTube]

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