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Ex QAnon Supporter Apologizes To Anderson Cooper For Thinking He 'Ate Babies' -- And Even More INSANE BELIEFS!

Anderson Cooper QAnon Conspiracy Eating Babies Jitarth Jadeja Interview Apology

Yes, this all belongs on The RidicuList, or maybe even The Onion… but sadly this is the actual news these days.

Now that a QAnon follower has been elected to the House of Representatives — and is not being widely decried by her fellow Republicans in Congress, at least not publicly — we all have to reckon with the fact a big chunk of that party is driven not by facts or news or science… but by conspiracy theories.

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But if you’re not inside that odd little bubble that’s blocking out all the logic and self-awareness, you may not be up to date on all the nonsense the Q crowd actually believes.

Thankfully the media has at least one former QAnon believer to speak to. A man named Jitarth Jadeja has come forward to admit how he fell down the far-right conspiracy theory rabbit hole. And during an interview with Anderson Cooper over the weekend on a special entitled Inside the QAnon Conspiracy, he explained just what he thought of Democrats, celebrities, and Anderson himself.

Anderson had to ask the hard questions of Jadeja’s time following QAnon, like:

“Did you at the time believe that high-level Democrats and celebrities were worshipping Satan? Drinking the blood of children?”

Because y’all — that is what they believe. That’s like, the most basic foundation of their whole twisted ideology. That’s how they can ignore anything that sounds reasonable — like, say, protecting citizens from corporate malfeasance, listening to health care professionals in a pandemic, not throwing immigrant children into cages. Because the source of all of that, they’ve been told, is a bunch of demon-worshipping child traffickers who drink blood.


Not only did Jadeja openly admit to believing that crap, he told the newsman it got more personal than that.

“Anderson, I thought you did that, and I would like to apologize for that right now. So, I apologize for thinking that you ate babies.”

The news in 2021, everyone. An incredulous Anderson had to ask:

“You actually believed that I was drinking the blood of children?”

Jadeja responded:

“Yes, I did.”

Anderson just had to take it personally, wondering:

“Was it something about me that made you think that?”

Jadeja explained it wasn’t based on any logic or evidence or anything — just what he was told by their anonymous thought leader, whom they apparently believe to be a high-level government operative who has decided to finally tell everyone “the truth”:

“It’s because Q specifically mentioned you, and he mentioned you very early on. He mentioned you by name, and from there — he also talked about, like, for example, like, your family… People still talk about that to this day. There were posts about that just four days ago… Some people thought you were a robot.”

LOLz! WHUT?? A robot?! It sounds ludicrous, but it’s true. Jadeja continued:

“I didn’t just believe that. I, at one stage, believed that QAnon was part of military intelligence, which is what he says, but, on top of that, that the people behind him were actually a group of fifth dimensional, interdimensional, extraterrestrial… aliens called blue avians.”

“Blue avians.” You see where we’re at? What we’re dealing with? That’s some Scientology nonsense, y’all!

Looking back, Jadeja realizes:

“I was so far down in this conspiracy black hole that I was essentially picking and choosing whatever narrative that I wanted to believe in.”

And that’s how folks end up thinking Hillary Clinton is running a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor.

Never mind the fact that the people who are secretly bad (or secretly robots we guess) are all on one side of the political aisle, the one against the former Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief. That or the journalists trying to give you as many actual facts as they can through all this — now who would want you to mistrust any facts you might hear?

It’s almost like the whole Q thing is a misinformation campaign designed to drive Americans against democracy and a healthy debate of ideas. Huh. How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

Guys, we’re begging you — get your news from vetted sources. Fact check it against other news sources. Don’t just listen to anonymous people on the internet. Real journalists, like Anderson Cooper, put their names out there. That way when they get it wrong, they’re held accountable. They aren’t perfect… but they sure as heck aren’t eating babies either.

[Image via CNN/YouTube.]

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