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Father Of 10-Year-Old Uvalde School Shooting Victim Learned His Daughter Was Killed From Her Best Friend

Father Of 10-Year-Old Uvalde School Shooting Victim Learned His Daughter Was Killed From Her Best Friend

We continue to learn more about the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas — and we are horrified at the aftermath as the young victims’ families are forced to try to cope with the unimaginable.

Tuesday’s tragic school shooting occurred when an 18-year-old gunman entered the school in the small Texas town and horrifically killed 19 children and two teachers. In the aftermath, celebs and public figures have rightly called for sensible gun control action to be taken immediately.

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Now, we’re hearing more heartbreaking stories about people who lost loved ones in the tragedy. On Wednesday, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper held a live interview with a first responder in Uvalde named Angel Garza, who revealed to the news anchor that he’d lost his 10-year-old daughter Amerie Joe Garza in the awful incident.

Even more crushing, as Angel reported to the TV news journalist, he had personally been responding to the elementary school in his work capacity as a paramedic when he was told about Amerie’s death by her young best friend who had also been in the classroom. With tears in his eyes, Angel told the national news outlet:

“One little girl was just covered in blood head to toe. Like, I thought she was injured. I asked her what was wrong and she said, she is OK. She was hysterical saying that they shot her best friend. They killed her best friend and she is not breathing. She was trying to call the cops and I asked the little girl the name … and she said, ‘Amerie.'”


Angel, who told Cooper that Amerie had turned 10 years old just two weeks before the awful shooting, explained that she had been trying to call police to aid her classmates as the shooting took place:

“She received an award yesterday for honor roll just before the shooting occurred. She was so smart and such a good child. Amerie is known for being a hero and trying to call 911 before the shooter took her life.”

Our hearts break. Angel added that Amerie was “the sweetest little girl,” explaining that she was cautious and helpful in her all-too-brief life:

“She was so scared of strangers and things like this, she would lock the door when I would step out to put gas in the car. This is literally like her worst fear. And she was just trying to help everyone.”

We can’t even imagine going through something like that — and then to go on national TV and talk about it, and to give viewers a glimpse into this awful, unfathomable world in such a raw way. You can watch Angel’s full interview with Cooper, including the grieving father’s explanation about how he and his wife are explaining the situation to their 3-year-old son (below):

Absolutely crushing.

We send our condolences to Garza’s family, but honestly, it never feels like enough.

[Image via CNN/YouTube]

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