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Watch Angelina Jolie Get SWARMED By Bees! Holy S**t This Is REAL!!!

Angelina jolie covered bees nat geo

Angelina Jolie usually looks stunning, but we have to say she looks downright BEE-autiful in this portrait promoting World Bee Day!

The Maleficent star apparently asked to be covered in live bees in a powerful portrait in collaboration with National Geographic to promote the “Women For Bees” initiative, which plans to build 2,500 bee hives and restock 125 million bees by 2025 — while training and supporting 50 women beekeepers.

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In an Instagram post (below) on NatGeo’s official account, one of the beekeepers who worked on the shoot explained just how Angie was able to be covered with actual live bees. The caption read:

“Everyone on set, except Angelina, had to be in a protective suit. It had to be quiet and fairly dark to keep the bees calm. I applied the pheromone in the places on her body where I wanted bees to congregate. The bees are attracted to the pheromone, but it also encourages them not to swarm. We also placed a large number of bees on a board that rested in front of her waist.”

If you think that sounds like an intense process, you don’t know the half of it! Angie explained she had to prepare for the shoot by skipping out on showers for “three days,” telling the mag:

“We couldn’t shower for three days before. Because they told me, ‘If you have all these different scents, shampoos and perfumes and things, the bee doesn’t know what you are.’… [They] don’t want [bees] to confuse you for a flower, I suppose.”

LOLz, that would not be ideal!

The 45-year-old actress went on to recall:

“Then you put a few things up your nose and in your ears so you don’t give them as many holes to climb in.”

Weirdly enough, one bee in particular was apparently determined to get right into Angie’s business. She said:

“I did have one that got under my dress the entire time. It was like one of those old comedies. I kept feeling it on my knee, on my leg, and then I thought, ‘Oh, this is the worst place to get stung. It’s getting really close.’ It stayed there the entire time we were doing the shoot. And then when I got all the other bees off, I lifted the skirt and he went away.”


Luckily, the superstar left without a scratch on her. In the post, the beekeeper noted that “Angelina stood perfectly still, covered in bees for 18 minutes without a sting.” Now that’s what we call dedication, honey!

Ch-ch-check out the buzzy final footage (below)!

[Image via Avalon/WENN]

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May 20, 2021 14:27pm PDT

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