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Angelina Jolie dished the dirt about her children and future baby plans at a press conference for Kung Fu Panda in Cannes on Thursday.

When asked about her pregnancy and where she will give birth (yea, we have no idea what that has to do with the movie), she responded, “I actually haven’t completely decided. We are certainly thinking of France.”

Adding that French is “a second language in the house, although I’m still learning and am not going to attempt any of it here today. My children are starting to speak French, so being here is very good for them and their language.”

Jolie was then asked by a Swedish reporter if she’d ever consider giving birth in Sweden.

Ange responded, “Not at this time… But, you never know, there’s more babies. Who knows?”

What? MORE babies????


She adds, “All my children are from all different parts of the world, and especially my boys. We do have a teacher who teaches them Cambodian and Vietnamese in our house, and they know their flags and they know their music and they know quite a lot about their culture and [Brad and I] bring in as much as we can and we’ll continue to as they get older.”

As for Brad Pitt, he was taking care of their four kids while Ange did press conferences.

Though she did say Poppa Smith would be joining her on the red carpet. She says, “He’s with our kids right now, but he’ll get his suit on at the last minute, I’m sure. He’ll pull it together.”

We can’t wait to see Bradley! He always “pulls it together”!

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May 15, 2008 15:15pm PDT

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