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OMG! Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater Went On 'DOUBLE DATES' With Dalton Gomez & Lilly Jay!

Ariana Grande Boyfriend Ethan Slater double date Dalton Gomez wife Lilly Jay

We’ve been raising an eyebrow pretty darn high at the sources trying to claim Ariana Grande and her new boyfriend Ethan Slater did nothing wrong. There’s just too much evidence pointing to the timeline not really matching up to innocence.

Well, here we have a source who is straight up accusing the Wicked couple of cheating on their spouses in the most upsetting way possible — right in front of them!

The new source claims that not only were Ethan and Lilly Jay still happily married while the co-stars were carrying on during filming — something fans have suspected due to social media posts going all the way to May — but they say Ari and her husband Dalton Gomez were still together, too!

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Remember, the story has been that the Thank U Next singer and Dalton were on the outs early on, and that his trip to visit her in London during filming was a last-ditch effort to save the marriage.

However, this new source isn’t making it all sound quite so desperate. They say the two couples were both happy — at least on the surface! Not only that, they all four spent time together:

“Ariana and Dalton went on double dates with Ethan and Lilly several times – and they were seen out by cast members.”

They added:

“Lilly and Ethan also met Ariana’s family together, including her mom and her brother.”

Wow. We’d already heard Ari was hanging out with Ethan and Lilly, even holding their new baby — the one they had only four months before filming started.

But if what this insider says is true, Ariana and Ethan had already begun their affair on set — and they were hiding it in an almost sociopathic way during double dates with their spouses! That’s like something out of a French sex farce! WTF!

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The source mentions that they know about the double dates because cast members saw. We’re guessing they might be a production insider. Because they also claim Ari and Ethan were none too secretive about their tryst during filming:

“They were sloppy on set. They were seen being all over each other while he was still supposedly happily married to Lilly.”

And even out in public, when their spouses weren’t around, they were seen being oh so couple-y. The insider says:

“They were seen making out at a pub in Hampstead, and they were all over each other at Michelle Yeoh‘s Oscar party.”

That party where the only pics of them together come from? Wow. We knew they looked cozy, but it was such a public event! Michelle had invited all her Wicked co-stars to celebrate her Oscar win — and they were “all over each other” in such a public group??

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater with co-star Cynthia Erivo at Michelle Yeoh Oscar party
Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater with co-star Cynthia Erivo at Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar party. / (c) Michelle Yeoh/Instagram

Sloppy is the word, we guess!

But still they apparently kept the alleged cheating on the DL. Ethan reportedly didn’t break things off with his wife until after news of Ariana and Dalton’s marriage being over hit the newsstands. Kinda seems like he wanted to have his cake and eat it for as long as possible…

Well now Ethan and Lilly have both filed for divorce — and it’s “contested” so it might get messy. Meanwhile his relationship with Ariana seems to have hit a wall as they’re both backing off for a bit? We’ll have to see if they’re really still together, or if he’s already been dropped and just doesn’t know it yet. If so, he really traded his whole life of happiness with his high school sweetheart for just a few months of sneaking around with Ariana Grande. Oof.

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN/Ariana Grande/Instagram.]

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