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Arkansas Woman Claims Neighbors Poop In Buckets & Dump It In Others' Yards!

Arkansas Woman Claims Neighbors S**t In Buckets & Let It ‘Wash Down The Ditches’

An Arkansas woman has had enough of her neighbor’s s**t!! Literally!

Erica Craig is speaking up after “three years” of dealing with a neighbor who she claims does not dispose of her waste in a sanitary way. The concerned neighbor spoke with local news outlet KATV Tuesday, explaining: 

“They’ve been taking their feces in buckets and dumping it at the back of their property, and then across the street at another person’s property, they have been dumping it on their property, too. And they’ve been doing this now for about three years.”

Ummm, WTF? Gross!! How did they not notice for three years? Or did they just let it happen?? She continued:

“They had, at one point, a porta-potty that was hollowed out, and they were just letting it wash down the ditches.”

Ulp, we’re going to be sick…

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Erica added that when it rains, the feces washes down into her yard, creating an unbearable stench: 

“God, when the wind blows, it’s awful. You cannot sit outside. You can’t even sit in that back room back there with the door open because it just consumes the house.”

What a crappy situation! And one that Erica claims has driven other neighbors out of the area: 

“Everybody around them has sold their houses, which are leaving the ones that are still left here to just kind of sit and suffer.”

Ugh, we can’t even begin to imagine how absolutely horrid that living situation is… Your home is supposed to be your place of peace, where you feel undisturbed, clean, and safe. But sadly, that’s all being taken away from Erica and her family, who have lived in the same home for 32 years.

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And it’s worse than just feeling unsafe. She says that in the years her neighbors have been dumping, for lack of a better word, she and her father have faced mystery health complications: 

“I’ve gotten sick. I had to go to the hospital for organ failure that they didn’t know what caused it. That was after [the neighbors] had started doing that. And my dad’s been to the hospital a couple of times. He was really sick there for a minute, and nobody’s thinking it’s because of human waste, you know? So that’s not something that they’re looking at.”

The North Little Rock resident claims she has attempted to get the city involved but just can’t get anyone to take the situation seriously — as her home is about 300 feet outside of city limits, leading her to the county: 

“I’ve contacted so many different departments and none of them have done anything about it.”

The news outlet reached out to Pulaski County, who claimed to not have jurisdiction over the sewage situation. However, the Arkansas Department of Health claims:

“All sewage must be deposited in sanitary sewers, sewage treatment facilities, septic tank systems or other systems or devices adequate to meet the needs of the people being served.”

What a s**t show! We really hope this situation gets resolved for Erica and her family FAST! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via KATV]

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May 05, 2023 11:45am PDT

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