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Ashley Graham Admits She Likes The Taste Of Her Own Breast Milk -- And More!

ashley graham trying her breast milk

If it’s good enough for baby, it’s good enough for momma!

Ashley Graham has never shied away from sharing the less-than glamourous aspects of motherhood — and apparently doesn’t have a problem with dropping more HIGHlarious truth bombs on us either!!

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During her virtual appearance on Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the model partook in a parents-themed game of Never Have I Ever with Stephen “tWitch” Boss and his wife, Allison Holker. And they all got real AF, y’all!

When asked if anyone had tried their own breast milk on more than one occasion, Graham proudly replied:

“Yes, just try a little bit. Tastes good!”

Yummy, LOLz!

She even added:

“Have you ever squirted it across the room?”

Man, that sounds like some skill!

Of course, that wasn’t all the tea she spilled about herself! Feedings have been a bit problematic lately, as 9-month-old Isaac has started cutting his teeth:

“He’s got four teeth and he loves to use them when he’s nursing. I’m trying to teach him sign language so I’m like, ‘No! No, no!'”

Ouch! Nursing can have its challenges, but that definitely doesn’t sound fun. But considering the model momma is also running her business in addition to being a mother, it’s no surprise she’s “definitely” fallen asleep while feeding her son “a million times.”

Since she’s so busy, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you can to get some. The 32-year-old later revealed that she and husband Justin Ervin have gotten frisky with their beeb in the same room! She said with a laugh:

“Yes, where else are you gonna do it?”

Like we said, nothing seems too personal for Ash, who’s been chatty about her sex life on more than one occasion! Back when Isaac was still cooking in his momma’s belly, the Pretty Big Deal host explained to Vogue how the couple had to adapt their usual ways in bed to accommodate her growing bump:

“I feel like every relationship goes in waves of sex. You’re like, Hey, do we need to plan this? And now, with pregnancy, things have been real-ly diff-er-ent. Because there’s this huge bulge that can be sensitive if you lay on it or go into a new position. I’ve been literally asking every single one of my friends who have had babies or who’re pregnant, like, ‘What positions do you guys do?’ This has to be a normal conversation among mothers.”

Give the full round of Never Have I Ever a watch for even MORE intimate confessions (below):

[Image via Ashley Graham/Instagram.]

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