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Audrina Patridge Claims Corey Bohan Sexually Abused Their Daughter! (And HE Says She's Lying Because Of 'The Hills'!)

Audrina Patridge The Hills Corey Bohan Daughter Sexual Abuse Accusation Custody

This case just got way more disturbing — and, if we’re being honest, more confusing.

Just over a week ago, we told you about how Audrina Patridge had filed a restraining order against her ex-husband for the third time in two years.

Back during their divorce in 2017 the star of The Hills (and future star of The Hills: New Beginnings) accused Corey Bohan of domestic violence, saying he “pushed her back” while she was holding their then one-year-old daughter Kirra Max in her arms — leading to Audrina being granted full custody, along with a restraining order.

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Just a month later the two came to an “amicable” agreement allowing Corey to visit his child — but that wasn’t even close to the end.

A few months later, in 2018, Audrina filed for another emergency restraining order which would strip her baby daddy of any rights to see Kirra; this time she said her ex was “stalking” her on social media and making threats.

She said at the time:

“I am more afraid of him now than ever, and fear for the safety of our daughter Kirra when she is in his care.”

At the time the accusations seemed largely to do with carelessness (she pointed out he put the car seat in backwards) and anger towards her.

So when Audrina filed for another restraining order earlier this month, we assumed we understood what she was saying her BMX pro ex had done.

The emergency motion referred to abuse toward Kirra beginning in May of 2019. Sources even told The Blast at the time an “investigation by officers in Costa Mesa for a recent incident” had indeed been opened. His visitation has been revoked, and Audrina is seeking total custody once again.

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Again, we thought this was about striking his daughter in anger, the way Audrina had described the assault toward herself (with disregard for their toddler’s safety) back in 2017.

But according to Corey’s own legal filing, we now know the accusation was something more disgusting.

Per docs obtained by The Blast on Monday afternoon, this was not about lashing out but about child sexual abuse. According to his deposition:

“In May 2019, Audrina made false claims of child sexual abuse against me to CPS. An investigation was done and the results of the investigation were that the allegations were unfounded.”

Wow. We honestly didn’t see any of this coming.

She’s now saying he molested her??

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But Bohan is adamant this never happened. In fact, he’s claiming Audrina has lied multiple times throughout their messy split, saying she “abused the judicial process by making false claims of abuse to obtain restraining orders to gain an advantage in these proceedings.”

That is a serious accusation. As, of course, is hers.

But according to Corey, the paperwork backs him up. He says Audrina claims the signs of abuse were spotted during a medical visit — but that her medical records say different:

“…no where [sic] in those records does it indicate that there was ever a concern about Kirra being sexually abused or that she has even undergone a child sexual abuse allegation.”

He now says he fears Audrina is coaching Kirra “to make false statements, which is, in and of itself, psychological abuse of Kirra.”

But why would Audrina lie about something this consequential??

Corey has a theory:

“Audrina has made deplorable and false accusations against me so that she can exploit our daughter for her own financial gain by having her filmed and having her appear on reality television, specifically MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings.”


He’s saying Audrina is lying about her daughter’s sexual abuse so she can get full custody — so that Corey can’t stop her from putting the child on reality TV??

That just doesn’t scan… Audrina would have to be an absolute sociopath to do that!

Corey’s attorneys say:

“Despite CPS investigations and findings, Petitioner (Audrina) has continued to make claims of child sexual abuse to law enforcement and has sought to limit Respondents’ (Corey’s) custodial time based thereon. This type of behavior is not only detrimental to the child’s emotional and mental well-being.”

What do YOU think of the newest claims against Corey — and his legal response to them??

[Image via Elizabeth Goodenough/APEGA/WENN/Audrina Patridge/Instagram.]

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