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Bachelor Franchise Stars Shows Rachel Lindsay More Support After She Quits Instagram Due To Harassment

Bachelor Nation Stars Shows Rachel Lindsay More Support After She Quits Instagram Due To Harassment

 The Bachelor franchise stars have rallied behind Rachel Lindsay, who recently deactivated her Instagram account due to harassment.

In case you missed it, the former Bachelorette lead had been swarmed with online “hate” from fans after her interview with Chris Harrison, who had shamefully defended season 25 frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell for her past racist actions. This led to a series of apologies from the longtime host, and later the 49-year-old’s temporary removal from his role on the ABC reality show.

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As we previously reported, the 35-year-old’s Higher Learning podcast co-host, Van Lathan, explained why she left the social media platform on Friday, saying:

“She did it because that’s how much hate she is getting from Bachelor fans, who are spamming her with all kinds of rude, hateful things to say. Y’all gotta get a f**king life, seriously.”

Lathan continued:

“This harassment is going too far. Are you okay with people getting at Rachel to the point she can’t even exist on IG. Is anyone from the entire ‘Bachelor Nation’ going to stand up and condemn this harassment of a Black woman? Yo it’s just a f**king TV SHOW, y’all need to relax for real. I love you RACH. F**k these people.”

Since many of the franchise’s stars have reacted to the news of Lindsay’s IG account deletion. One of the first people to show their love and support to Lindsay was her Bachelor Happy Hour co-host, Becca Kufrin. The former lead took to her Instagram with a cute pic of the duo and wrote:

“I’ve said this privately but I’ll say it publicly as well because it’s an important issue that needs addressing… To Rachel Lindsay: I love you, I stand by you and I support you in whatever way, shape, or form that’s needed. We live in a world where online toxicity, racism, racial insensitivity & ignorance, bullying, and cruelty have become a norm. This is simply not okay.”

The 30-year-old continued:

“The fact that my friend Rachel had to deactivate her personal Instagram account due to extreme hate and harassment is so incredibly disheartening and deranged. It’s a sad reality of the world we live in, and needs to change.”

Nick Viall came to the former contestant on his Bach season’s defense and slammed those showing Harrison support by hating on someone else in an Instagram Story.

“It’s sad that this even needs to be said, but Chris Harrison is in the position he is in because of what he said, not because of anything Rachel did. If you want to support Chris while he is down, you should be able to do that without showing hate to anyone else. I realize this is obvious to most people reading this, but if you are one of the people who have sent hateful or racist comments to Rachel please take a serious look at what’s in your heart. Your priorities are seriously out of whack.”

JoJo Fletcher later asked for fans of the show to be “kinder to one another” and to “do better” in a simple Story.

“Its honestly so sad that I’m even having to type this message, but unfortunately it’s not a new topic of concern. If you are following me, and think it’s OK to send hateful, vile, and harassing comments, please take a moment of deep self-reflection and understand what that says about you. Hearing that Rachel Lindsay had to deactivate her account bc of the horrible bullying taking place is awful and unacceptable. We need to come together and be kinder to one another. Please- if you have ever been on the wrong side of this, do better. Be better.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe also posted a series of videos, telling fans that she “will not stand for” harassment of Lindsay.

“I will happily lose so many followers — if anyone on here that follows me is sending any sort of negative message to Rachel Lindsay to have her hit a wall and deactivate her account, unfollow me.”

The Off The Vine podcast host continued in the next clip on her Insta Story, exclaiming:

“Promise — no offense taken. Don’t care about the numbers going down. If you have in any way sent Rachel a message of hate or racism or anything that would contribute to her feeling so uncomfortable to deactivate her Instagram account, please unfollow me. Totally fine with that.”

Bryan Abasolo showed his wife some support, sharing a pic of the couple on his IG feed.

“I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you and I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. Keep going and never stop being you and fighting for what’s right.”

In the comments of the post, Mike Johnson shared his love for “the incredibly strong fighter of a wife” Abasolo has. He also wrote “@therachlindsay we stan you” on his Stories.

Becca Tilley called out those who kept coming for Lindsay in a lengthy message:

“The fact that we are in a place where people feel so comfortable being so hateful that someone’s best option is to deactivate their Instagram account is appalling. Rachel Lindsay and other BIPOC have spoken out and against racism, calling for people to be held accountable, and asking for the Bachelor franchise to do better and the response that they receive on a daily basis is just more hate. People are so quick to use their time and energy to perpetuate the hate and fuel the fire instead of simply listening and being open to learning and growing. If you get mad about people being mad about racism, I would start there and ask yourself why.”

Ben Higgins even took the time in a series of IG Story videos to call out the franchise, saying:

“If anybody out there is adding anymore hate to anybody — especially somebody like Rachel — it’s not OK. What are we doing? Where do we go from here if we’re adding onto more hate, if we’re expounding racism, if we’re not trying to heal but instead trying to hurt? How far can this go?”

Higgins then encouraged his followers to alter their perspectives, explaining:

“We cannot continue to just add more hate onto hate onto hate. Especially with somebody trying to bring racial reconciliation to try to advance racial justice. At the end of all of this, are we all not trying to love each other well, to see that each one of us are human, but also to recognize injustice that’s been in this world and that still exists in this world and then try to go out and combat that so that all of us can be better together? So if you’re adding onto Rachel’s life with more negativity and more hate, you’re missing it. Let’s change our perspective. Let’s use our energy for something good. It’s that simple. It’s not easy, but it’s that simple. Let’s use our energy for something good that helps the world and not hurts it.”

In a semi-shocking moment, Kirkconnell, who had been called out for her racist behaviors, spoke out about the harassment on the ‘gram.

“You have the opportunity to make a positive difference, to use your energy towards change, and to come together and realize what’s right in a time like this. If you are choosing to rather spread hate, to send cruel, vicious messages, to be mad about people being hurt by racism…do better. Be better.”

The TV personality then added:

“Rachel Lindsay and other BIPOC have called for myself and others to be held accountable. This is needed, and she does not deserve the hate she is receiving. Recognize that she along with every person you send hateful messages to are human. We are real people, and she should not have to disable her account to escape this toxicity. This is not okay. She is doing the hard work that needs to be done for change, and does not deserve to be silenced or ridiculed. If you are someone that has been cruel, find what fuels this hate in your heart, and fix it.”

Wow… Our love goes out to Rachel Lindsay during this time. Do U guys think she’ll ever return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via FayesVision/WENN, Becca Kufrin/Instagram, Ben Higgins/Instagram, Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram, & Nick Viall/Instagram]

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