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Bachelor In Paradise Hell! Krystal Nielson Files For Divorce From Chris Randone -- Here's What Went Wrong

Chris Randone reacts to Krystal Nielson officially filing for divorce from him, as the two Bachelor Nation stars go through a breakup!

Well, it’s officially over.

Of course, we already knew popular Bachelor Nation alums Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone had separated after not even a full year of marriage. But now, we’ve learned the starlet has officially filed for divorce, moving the split forward in its official legal process.

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Randone, 32, first revealed that he’d received the official divorce docs “not too long ago” during an interview with Us Weekly that was published on Friday.

In the chat with the gossip mag, the daily fantasy sports expert and author was remarkably candid about the whole breakup process, opening up and saying (below):

“It’s a crazy process, even though I’m still legally married, you know, it’s something that is a memory now. But here’s the interesting thing. I look at this as like a moment of gratitude and I know that’s probably crazy for anyone to hear this, but you know, you always got to come from a place of love and compassion. There are just things in life that you can’t control, and I’ve accepted that, but more importantly, I’ve also looked at it as I’m grateful for those few years. I think I had so much energy putting into the relationship that I abandoned myself. And so now, I’m making sure that I’m a priority and I’m going to be focusing on what’s going to help me become better moving forward.”

Randone and the 32-year-old fitness coach first announced their split back in February — not even eight months after they exchanged vows in a gorgeous wedding ceremony down in Mexico. It turns out some things just don’t work out like you hope they would! That’s life!

Still, the Florida native admits that looking back on how things went with Krystal, he’s not exactly surprised that things didn’t work out in the end. After all, the pair enjoyed an unlikely whirlwind romance amid the strain of a hectic reality TV filming schedule, only to come down off the high and realize things didn’t quite fit.

Chris revealed more about that, saying:

“There were definitely moments where there were either warning signs or there were just mixed signals. I think one of the biggest issues was me going from one show to the next, with really no time to process. Because I think after I got eliminated from [Becca Kufrin’s] season [of The Bachelorette], it was only a couple of weeks where I was back on another show. I traveled [home], my sister had a baby, and then I literally was back on a plane to Mexico. I couldn’t process [the time on Becca’s season] or focus on that or just be able to address it because I had a relationship [and] I was engaged and then that turned into a marriage. And the entire time I abandoned myself, which I think led to just some issues within me as well.”

Wow! Talk about a hectic time… how does anybody find true, lasting romance under those conditions, anyways?!

Credit to “Goose,” though, because the oft-macho man has been remarkably open and vulnerable throughout this whole breakup process.

In speaking with the outlet, the author of the upcoming book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Energy, Change Your Life with co-author Eric Bigger got very real about his newly single status, adding:

“I definitely had a lot of crying moments during this pandemic, but you know, what’s crazy is I think the pandemic helped me process the divorce. [It] legitimately helped me understand myself, helped me understand the pain, the grief. And instead of being distracted with the outside world, like maybe, ‘Oh, I’m going to go out with the boys and I’m going to get drunk and I’m going to do this.’ I couldn’t do that. The only thing I could do was focus on me and my emotions. And so as time went by, like, I gained a different perspective. And so as much as I wanted to [reconcile] and the attempts that I made, at least I can move forward knowing that I did that.”

All’s well that ends well, perhaps?

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Randone is pushing this new self-help book with Bigger, after all, so it’s clear he ultimately found some kind of inner peace throughout this entire difficult process, right?!

So it would seem for the fit, hunky reality TV alum. To hear him tell it, the divorce here may actually be a good thing for both him and Krystal as they go their separate ways and grow from their time together:

“In life we have different chapters and different layers that help us move forward and building blocks in life. I feel like this marriage and this separation, and then now, you know, the divorce, I think it’s just a building block for the both of us, and a ladder to where we’re allowed to really take that experience, grow from it and take ourselves to the next level. And hopefully, you know, continue to just show love and compassion.”

Well said! And very politically correct!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are you buying Chris’ newfound big-picture outlook on his quickie marriage and sudden divorce from Krystal?! The Goose appears to be pretty mature, and calm, and at peace over the whole thing… will this last?!

Sound OFF with your take on Chris and Krystal’s split and everything else Bachelor In Paradise-related down in the comments (below)…

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