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Bam Margera Claims Ex Nikki Boyd Has Completely Cut Off His Contact With Their Son & She's Asking For $15K/Month Child Support!

Bam Margera Claims Ex Has Now Completely Cut Off His Contact With Their Son & She's Asking For 15K A Month In Child Support!

Bam Margera has lost all contact with his son as his legal battle with estranged wife Nikki Boyd heats up!

On Wednesday, the Jackass star’s attorney, Peter W. Thompson, told TMZ that Nikki is not allowing the TV personality to talk to his son Phoenix whatsoever! She has reportedly refused to answer calls or FaceTimes from Bam, meaning he’s completely cut off from his child!

According to the lawyer, the father and son have not communicated in over two months. Their last interaction was on March 29 when Bam visited California and was spotted screaming at his baby momma in a Burbank restaurant while the 5-year-old was having lunch. Bam was actually arrested when it was determined he was too drunk “to take care of himself.”

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TMZ obtained a video of the incident (HERE), and it appears that Bam was yelling at Nikki while she cradled their son in her arms, trying to shield him from the outburst.  Guess that was her last straw…

Nikki is so determined not to let the boys interact, she is also refusing the skateboarder’s request to give his son Christmas gifts, which are five months late. Nikki will not accept them, not even if someone else drops them off. Wow!

As we’ve been following, the couple hit a rough patch amid Bam’s struggles with sobriety. In February, Nikki filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Recently, though, Bam has tried to claim they were never legally married, though Boyd’s team denied those claims. The filing came after an alleged non-sober visit in which Bam came to visit Phoenix while under the influence (he insists he was sober at the time). Now, Nikki is asking for child and spousal support to get her through this challenging time. In court docs also obtained by the outlet on Wednesday, Nikki is seeking $15,000 a month in child support, which would cover the cost of her monthly expenses.

On top of this, she wants the stunt performer (whom she claims is worth around $55 million) to pay her attorneys’ fees of at least $50,000. She’d also like whatever amount of spousal support she’s owed based on their relationship but did not provide a specific number. She claims she only earns less than $4k a month between family support and public assistance, which is why she needs help financially. Similarly, in the paperwork, she noted she found a house but needs Bam’s help to make it work and she believes he’s capable of doing so, though she did express fears that he’s hiding assets and being reckless with money.

Nikki also wants sole physical and legal custody but would be open to supervised visitation for her ex — only if he completes drug and alcohol rehab programs first! We all know Bam’s struggled to do this in the past…

According to Bam’s attorney, the former couple tried to establish a schedule where the father could FaceTime his son every other day, but it never materialized. The Viva La Bam alum’s team thinks it would be safe for Bam to speak with Phoenix over the phone and that it’s “completely unreasonable” for Nikki to avoid his calls. We can understand why that would be so disappointing for Bam!

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But they also seemed to suggest he’s willing to do what it takes to make amends. The lawyer insisted Bam’s supporting Nikki financially, such as by paying for the car she is driving and footing the bill for her home. Meanwhile, Nikki’s attorney David Glass told the outlet:

“From Nikki’s perspective, Bam’s continued instability is what makes connecting him and Phoenix difficult. But, Nikki remains open to regular FaceTime communication, so long as Bam is not impaired during the calls, and so long as Bam does not denigrate Nikki during the calls.”

We sincerely hope Bam and Nikki can figure out a resolution because it would be a shame for the father and son to lose touch. That said, we understand why Phoenix’s well-being must be protected at all costs. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

[Image via Bam Margera/Instagram]

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