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Bear Bile Farming Sounds Gross But It's Actually FAR WORSE!

Not only is bear bile farming totally disgusting, but it’s extremely torturous to the bears!
Apparently a company called Guizhentang Pharmaceutical does NOT agree, as they’ve been using the bile in traditional remedies claimed to “shrink gallstones, reduce fevers and sooth the aftereffects of excessive drinking.” You’re just hearing about it now because the company stock went public, and wanted to use the IPO money to increase its stock of captive bears from 400 up to 1,200.
Instead of that, they’re getting hackers, protesters, and more than 70 Chinese celebrities, including Yao Ming opposing them! For good reason, too. The bile is “milked” by inserting tubes in the animals abdomens THREE TIMES A DAY. For years!
Even with the growing opposition to such animal cruelty, the Chinese government is not prepared to end the lucrative trade in ursodeoxycholic acid, which is found in bear gallbladders. What makes it worse is that scientists have engineered a synthetic alternative, BUT traditionalists claim it doesn’t work as well — plus, itcan sell for as much as $24,000 a kilogram, which is roughly half the price of gold!
It’s a disgusting trade that needs to be stopped!
If you can stomach it, and really want to know what these poor bears go through, check out the undercover video (above) for a glimpse at the horror — it might just make you want to do something about this!

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May 23, 2013 07:59am PDT

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