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Ben Affleck ‘Never Got Over J.Lo’ -- And Jennifer Garner ‘Is OK With It’??

Ben Affleck ‘Never Got Over J.Lo’ -- And Jennifer Garner ‘Is OK With It’??

Ben Affleck never lost sight of his love for Jennifer Lopez… Even when he was married to Jennifer Garner!

We all know Ben and J.Lo are madly in love once again after reuniting in 2021 and picking up where they left off in 2004. But despite breaking up and moving on with another woman for YEARS, Ben was never quite able to cut the cord on relics from his relationship with the Love Don’t Cost a Thing singer!

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In her The Greatest Love Story Never Told documentary, it was revealed that throughout his 13-year marriage, Ben held onto the old love letters and emails he’d sent to Lopez. And when they got back together in 2021 he gave them to her, all bound up in a book.

On Wednesday, an insider spoke to about the revelation, saying it wasn’t Ben’s idea to put that particular detail out:

“Ben would love for the outside world not to know about his love letters, but he is a romantic, and as much as he loved Jennifer, he never got over J.Lo.”


Fans of Jennifer Garner were furious — had he been secretly wishing to leave her all along?? That wasn’t it, the source clarified:

“Ben keeps his memories, whether it is from movies he worked on or family and relationship moments, he always has what the kids call ‘receipts.’”

That still must sting for his baby momma, with whom he spent SO many years, right? Well, not really, actually! The insider noted:

“No one is surprised by this at all. Jennifer is OK with it, J.Lo obviously loves it and everyone notices that all this was meant to be. Jennifer and Ben have their wonderful children and are both enjoying the relationships they have always wanted to be in.”

WOW! That is wonderfully mature! A second source noted:

“J.Lo and Jennifer have a good relationship and they have become friends and to think that there is any bad feelings on Jennifer’s part about Ben holding onto J.Lo’s letters is just ridiculous. They have a blended family and Jennifer happily moved on a long time ago with John [Miller] and the four of them have spent time together on multiple occasions.”

Well, we know they all want to be one big happy family, so maybe this is something Jennifer just has to move past to maintain the dynamic… Or maybe she really just is THAT okay with things! (And hey, J.Lo seems to be ignoring a lot, too, right?)

The source added:

“Jennifer knew going into her marriage how Ben felt about J.Lo and it was not a secret. J.Lo and Jen have a lot of respect for each other and Jennifer has told J.Lo how happy she is that she has come back into Ben’s life because she can actually keep him in check. J.Lo refuses to let him slip into his old ways.”

Aww. You can tell Jennifer really cares for her ex-husband’s health and happiness.

What are your thoughts on this, Perezcious readers?? Let us know down in the comments!

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