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Benoit The Wifebeater???

Former WWE wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead on Monday, the victim of an apparent suicide.
What’s more disturbing though is the probability that he murdered his wife and son, as police are investigating.
Now, new facts have come to light, exposing Benoit’s disgusting history of domestic violence.

In divorce papers filed in 2003, Nancy Benoit included a petition for protection from domestic abuse against Chris. In the papers, Nancy claimed that Benoit, “lost his temper and threatened to strike the petitioner and cause extensive damage to the home and personal belongings of the parties, including furniture.” Nancy added that she was, “in reasonable fear for petitioner’s own safety and that of the minor child.”
Three months later, Nancy filed to have the divorce papers and the restraining order dismissed. A short time later, a judge granted her wish.

Hopefully the WWE will now stop eulogizing this monster.
And hopefully they will stop making fun of death. It’s not funny! It’s not a plot line!

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Jun 26, 2007 20:05pm PDT

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