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OMG! Bethenny Frankel SLAMS Meghan Markle Over Endless Royal Family Criticism: 'Let It Go, Elsa'

OMG! Bethenny Frankel SLAMS Meghan Markle Over Endless Royal Family Talk: 'Let It Go, Elsa'

Bethenny Frankel is NOT interested in hearing Meghan Markle‘s royal family sob story!!

The 51-year-old reality TV veteran spoke very candidly about the former Duchess of Sussex in a new podcast on Thursday. Taking to the airwaves for her most recent episode of Just B with Bethenny Frankel, the Real Housewives of New York City alum had plenty to slam about Prince Harry‘s wife. While not said explicitly, her comments were likely triggered by Meghan’s recent feature interview in The Cut, which we covered earlier this week. In that chat, the former Suits actress spoke about negative media coverage during her time in the royal family, alleged British press members calling her children “the N-word,” and more.

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Now, to be fair to Bethenny, she did commend the 41-year-old mom of two for actually addressing racism and white privilege within the royal fam. Conceding that some of Meghan’s vocal call-outs have been good, Frankel said at one point during the podcast:

“It is good for people to know that racism exists everywhere, but that’s not something we’re surprised by. Like, if you tell me that racism exists in the royal family, I’m not bowled over with shock.”

Fair point! But to hear it from an actual member… that’s unheard of!

But most of what the Skinnygirl founder had to say was NOT complimentary!! For one, Bethenny called Meghan out as being “very self-important,” while negatively comparing the former royal to hypothetical Housewives stars who can’t stop talking about the same old drama year after year after year:

“She’s very self-important and she’s very much like a Housewife in that she can’t stop talking about the very thing that she wants to be irrelevant. [It’s like] when you want to separate from the Housewives. ‘It was toxic, I don’t want to be part of the drama,’ or whatever the housewife says. [But] then for the next five years, always talking about the very thing you’re trying to extricate yourself from.”

Makes sense that Bethenny would reference the Bravo world for her comparison. She knows it intimately, after all!! Frankel also slammed Harry’s wife as being “not relatable” to the rest of the world. Which, yeah, Meghan is a former member of the royal family! Not many people could possibly know what that’s like — despite her Hollywood past.

Still, Bethenny argued:

“So you wanted out of there? OK you got out but it is your husband’s family and you keep beating the same storyline. You want to be a voice for change, a woman for female empowerment, to talk about racism and how unacceptable it is, what it’s like to be a woman of color? So do that. So do that in the future. Why do we keep, in these subtle nuanced ways, keep referencing things that happened in the past with this one family that doesn’t reflect most of the world? That’s not relatable.”

And the NYC mogul continued:

“If she were on the show, the producers would say, ‘Stop talking about security and the state of Frogmore Cottage. It’s not relatable. Most people don’t have a security detail so while that may be a real concern for you, it’s not something that is going to play to this audience.'”


In Meghan’s most recent podcast ep, she talked about the connotations of the word “diva” with guest Mariah Carey. Bethenny didn’t care for that convo, either, explaining the moment gave off its own elitist vibe:

“That poised, orchestrated elegance, in that mimicking of [Princess] Diana, in that Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-style intentional, very natural, very slow speech. … Being aghast at the word ‘diva.’ Who are you relating to?”

Not a bad point. But damn! Bethenny really went in!!

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…Wait, there’s more!

The RHONY vet went on to claim Meghan gives off the air of someone who “has experienced more than any of us,” and has an “institutional knowledge on life” that she believes makes her better than the rest of the world. Obviously, that’s a judgement call on Bethenny’s part, considering the reality TV star’s life experience can’t even compare as a rich white business owner. Regardless, the Skinnygirl mogul made her case on the podcast without mincing words:

“I don’t think people like Meghan Markle because I think she talks down to other people. I think she’s sanctimonious and I think there’s this subtext of elevation. She’s up there, we’re down here.”


And then the money quote came up. Referencing the children’s movie Frozen, Bethenny BEGGED Meghan to stop talking about the royal family:

“When you leave the royal family, leave the royal family. You learned something, you said it, we heard you. … and [still] in every single interview you do you’re talking about the royal family. Let it go, Elsa. Move forward. Create change in the future.”

Whoa! What do U make of these VERY strong comments, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on this bombshell takedown in the comments (below)!

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