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Biggest Loser Couple Has Weight Loss Surgery Together After Gaining Over 350 LBs After Show

biggest loser couple shares about weight loss surgery

Biggest Loser couple Jessica Limpert and Ramon Medeiros are inviting fans back into their weight loss journey.

The pair made a splash when they fell in love competing on the show’s 12th season back in 2011. Following their success story, they spent some time working as celebrity trainers at the Biggest Loser resorts and ended up getting married. But happily ever after wasn’t as easy as all that. Over the years, their weight crept back up, they revealed in an interview with Today.

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Jessica explained:

“We did all this in the public eye so there’s always going to be scrutiny and I think we just weren’t prepared for that in the aspect that it came on. It’s not even that we received a lot of bad feedback as we continued on with our lives and gained weight here and there. It was more of we didn’t learn to develop that thick skin and feel confident inside.”

She continued:

“It messes with your head a little bit. If we would have worked on our minds more as we journeyed ourselves away from the show and into real life, we probably would have been successful longer after.”

Her husband agreed:

“We had a bad body image of ourselves. And we didn’t think it was as bad as it was … when we were massively overweight. We didn’t really know how to accept our bodies and we didn’t really know how to gauge what we were feeling and seeing. So in our eyes, we didn’t look the way we wanted to look or things didn’t happen what we thought was going to happen.”

The tattoo artist clarified:

“We didn’t immediately gain weight after the show. We kept it off for two, three years. When we do things we do things big — that’s why we were on the Biggest Loser. So we gained 100 pounds and we did lose 80 to 100 pounds again. Once we started gaining, then it came back even harder and we’re trying to figure out how to stop that rollercoaster.”

The “rollercoaster” weight gain led to medical problems, such as Ramon needing a CPAP machine to assist with breathing at night. Jessica “was in denial for a really long time” but eventually experienced similar issues:

“I possibly stopped breathing in the middle of the night and I woke up gasping and feeling like I couldn’t breathe. That was my real wake up call.”

Both were reluctant to resort to surgery, which they saw as an “easy way out” after experiencing the Biggest Loser bootcamp. But Jessica said:

“Once I educated myself and I realized that it doesn’t matter how much knowledge I have. It doesn’t matter how much motivation I can gather every day. I need more. I needed a tool that can help.”

The 36-year-old had gotten up to 358 lbs, and her husband weighed 385 lbs before they both had vertical sleeve gastrectomies. Since undergoing the procedure in 2021, Jessica has lost 156 lbs and Ramon has lost 130. Now they’re in the process of learning the best practices to feel healthy and happy in their own bodies. Jessica shared:

“What we’ve learned with VSG is you don’t have to work out eight hours a day. You really have to have the mindset number one to really make sure we’re fueling our bodies with the correct food and nutrition so that we can maintain a very maintainable lifestyle. That’s where 30 minutes, 45 minutes of working out comes in five, six days a week.”

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She went on to reflect:

“I could still have all the things I love and we celebrate with food and it’s not my focus. Now I get to socialize with people. Now I get to create new relationships with people because I’m not so focused on ‘Let’s do dinner. Let’s do social events around food.’ It’s more about let’s have a good time together.”

Ramon chimed in with another big change:

“There’s not an ending weight goal this year. There’s not that ‘Hey I need to weigh this much this year to be happy.’ That’s a cool feeling to have.”

Wow! It sounds like they’re in a really great place right now — it’s so nice to hear that Jessica and Ramon are still on this journey together. And kudos to them for continuing to be open about the process after their reality TV experience. We wish them the best of luck in their new chapter!

[Image via Jessica Limpert/Instagram]

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