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Bill Clinton 'Likes Them Young' -- Jeffrey Epstein Told Victim, Per Document Bombshell!

Bill Clinton Likes Girls Young Jeffrey Epstein Accuser

Well, not hard to wonder why someone wouldn’t want this made public!

The legal docs related to Jeffrey Epstein have finally been released in full — and while news orgs are poring through the thousands of pages of data, one name they knew to COMMAND+F for stood out: Bill Clinton. As reported, the former president has been revealed as John Doe 36. He’s mentioned many times across about 50 different documents. Most have to do with defamation case in which accuser Virginia Giuffre and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell argue in their legal battle about whether they can depose the former POTUS. It isn’t a ton of new accusations or anything.

However, there is a moment that’s already caught the eye of a lot of folks reading the transcripts. A woman named Johanna Sjöberg testifies in a deposition for the 2015 defamation case, accusing Maxwell of recruiting her — and Epstein of sexually abusing her. But she has quite a lot to say about some others, too! According to the transcripts, she testified:

“Jeffrey told her, ‘Clinton likes them young,’ referring to girls.”

Wow. That… is a bombshell. Considering the source is a man who is infamous for getting powerful men under his thumb through the means of young and even underage sex trafficking? Pretty effing damning, if you ask us.

Report: Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates Over Affair With VERY Young Russian Woman

Of course, we can’t go to the source anymore… because he “killed himself” in prison. So it’s probably hearsay in a court of law, if we understand that right. Especially because Sjöberg seems to be recounting something she heard Epstein say to someone else. But it sounds right now like Clinton has more to answer for than just riding on Epstein’s “Lolita Express.”

Will he ever do so? Unfortunately, probably not. The last time he was asked about Epstein, he laughed off talk of his ties to the pedo, saying simply:

“I think the evidence is clear.”

The evidence is a little clearer now, we’d say. ICK!

As we said, Clinton has previously admitted to flying on Epstein’s private jet. He said he borrowed it for humanitarian efforts to Africa — and has denied ever going to Little Saint James, Epstein’s so-called “Pedophile Island” in the US Virgin Islands. But like the other former president with close ties to Epstein, this isn’t even Clinton’s first sexual misconduct accusation — and not even the first one with a much younger woman. So yeah, not the most reliable side in a he said/she said, is he?

What do YOU think we’ll learn next from the Epstein docs??

[Image via DOJ/MEGA/WENN.]

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Jan 03, 2024 18:35pm PDT

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