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How A Mom & 3 Teens Allegedly Robbed A STRING Of Celeb Homes!

Bling Ring Celebrity Burglars Arrested

The criminal masterminds who have baffled cops while they robbed dozens of celebrity homes over the past few months?
Three teens and a mom, apparently.
The LAPD announced in a press conference Tuesday evening that it had suspects in custody for at least some of the burglaries, though they believe they’re connected to more.
Video: Inside Edition Robbed While Covering Robbery Story
The new bling ring? Tyress Lavon Williams (19), Jshawne Lamon (19), and Damaji Corey Hall (18), and Hall’s mother — Ashle Hall (34).
The teens were pulled over after allegedly robbing L.A. Rams player Robert Woods‘ home in Woodland Hills. After obtaining a search warrant, police recovered $50,000 in cash, jewelry, and designer bags.
In addition to Woods, the LAPD believes the crew are responsible for the burglaries of Rihanna and Christina Milian but also other unsolved burglaries.
They hope celebs will come forward and identify their property among the stolen goods.
Other celebs who have been robbed in the recent past include John MayerAlanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj, Emmy Rossum, Jaime Pressly, David Spade, Bella Thorne, and more.
Police say the crew practiced something called “flocking,” in which they would drive around wealthy neighborhoods in stolen expensive cars and clothing so as not to be noticed while casing celeb homes.
Later a larger vehicle would return for the actual burglaries. Crews would grab all the valuables they could in just minutes, before alarm companies could respond.
Two particularly scary pieces of information?
First, the police believe there are more members of the crew still at large.
Second, something else was found along with the stolen goods — a list of celebrity names and addresses, including those of Viola Davis, LeBron James, and Matt Damon.
Everyone stay safe out there!
[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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