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Bow Wow Finally Responds To Backlash For Jam-Packed Club Performance Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Bow Wow Responds To The Backlash For Packed Club Performance Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Look who finally decided to finally speak up… somewhat.

On Saturday, Bow Wow took to Twitter to defend himself against the backlash for a video that went viral on social media of him performing to maskless fans at a crowded nightclub in Houston, Texas, on Friday. This, of course, is happening while the coronavirus pandemic is getting so much worse around the world.


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The 33-year-old rapper addressed the controversy in a series of now-deleted tweets, writing:

“I just woke up… aww god. Here we go. Man i been hosting parties all last year. I wore my mask in the club. I cant host with that thing on. I promise my mask i wore in the club up until i got on the mic. That simple. Keep sanitizer on me at all times.”

We don’t know if it’s that simple… you know, given the fact that tens of thousands of people are literally dying from this highly-contagious and life-threatening virus. But, we digress.

The Like Mike actor went on to mention the different regulations for each state, explaining:

“Man texas is open. Atl is open. I cant help i live in a city where we been open since last spring.”

Oh, we don’t know, you could possibly just do your part in controlling the spread of the virus and just not. But, what do we know…

According to Us Weekly, the Ohio native admitted to a fan in the comments that he had “been tested twice already” for corona. Then, he attempted to push some of the responsibility off him, tweeting:

“IT WASNT MY PARTY. But of course ima get the blame.”

Sigh, we don’t even have a response to that. You know what ya did, Bow Wow. You know what ya did.

ICYMI, a video of the singer performing his 2005 hit Like You to a packed audience trended on Twitter yesterday. Many people on social media dragged the musician and club-goers for gathering in a large crowd during a globa crisis. Even celebs like Zach Braff put their two cents in, tweeting:

“I thought about it and have decided I’m not willing to die for Bow Wow.”

Same Zach… same.

Insecure star Natasha Rothwell weighed in as well, asking:

“For… Bow Wow…?

We don’t get it either, Natasha.

Ironically enough, the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star spoke to Entertainment Tonight about staying safe during the pandemic back in June. At the time, he said:

“It’s definitely a life changing moment, not just for me but for all of us. I don’t see myself not wearing my mask anytime soon. I hate getting colds, I hate getting sick, if I can prevent it by doing that then absolutely [I will wear a mask]. I even think that when we go on tour, get back to these arenas, I think we’ll see a lot of fans with masks on, designing their own masks, making Bow Wow masks. I think from here going forward, we’re going to see a lot of people taking this seriously. We have to.”

The Beware of Dog musician continued:

“I know I’m following my own rules. Just because the bars here are open in Atlanta — everything is wide open and people are packing these bars out and no one is wearing masks — for me, I’m wearing a mask. We have to protect each other by all means, and if wearing a mask is that, then I’m down to do it. Plus, it gives me a chance to go out in public and do things I couldn’t do without the mask. So, now I can finally walk down Hollywood Boulevard without security. So, I will continue to wear my mask and I’m sure the fans will too.”

Obviously, those sentiments didn’t last too long.

What do U think about Bow Wow’s response? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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