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What Pandemic?! This Video Of Bow Wow Reportedly Performing In Houston Has Us Feeling Defeated AF...

Bow Wow was seen holding a viral concert in Houston in the middle of the pandemic with NO social distancing protocols whatsoever... Sigh...

At this rate, the coronavirus is literally never going to go away — and the vaccines our scientists are working so hard to develop won’t matter one bit — because everybody is just going to get sick immediately, anyways.

Seriously, and it’ll be because of things like this!

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XXL published a video on Saturday morning purporting to show a Bow Wow concert that went down in Houston, Texas on Friday night, and as you can see (below), there was NO social distancing whatsoever within a crowd that quite clearly didn’t care about, well, anything!

Seriously, look at this:


Not surprisingly, critics came out of the woodwork to call out the bad behavior exhibited here, including all of these reactions (below):

“Houston hospitals are filling up and the infection numbers are almost the worst they have ever been in Houston, but sure, let’s have a crowded indoor concert with no social distancing …. FFS people!”

“This why we can’t get past this pandemic while other countries are back to normal.”

“There’s like a maximum 4 people having fun in this. Risking your life for a disappointing night of Bow Wow? Lol. Nope.”

“Honestly it’s more the Club Promoter ya should come after more. They the one doing the booking of the artists and have control of the amount of ppl allowed inside. They care more about making money than the everyone’s well-being. Trust when ppl get sick, they won’t take ownership”

“Imagine risking Grandma’s life to go see Bow Wow?”

“N***as put their lives and families at risk behind Shad Moss…. Rona made the ppl desperate lol they need ANY reason to go outside”

“Too many phones and not even movement in this video. They dont look like they having any fun either. Yall did this for Bow wow?”

“I don’t blame him. Someone’s going to have to pay his bills. But for the selfish audience, may the odds be ever in your favor during Covid.”

“These the same people that will s**t on the government for closing s**t down when in reality they’re the very reason why surges keep happening which is why locking s**t down happens smfh”

“Why the f**k are these venues still open”

“Thanks to everyone who went out last night. I lost a family member to covid recently, but at least y’all had a good time!”

“Some people lack discipline and live for ‘now’ gratification. At some point there’s a price to be paid for how you show up in the world. We talk way too much about YOLO and not enough about accountability. A good life has a nice balance of both.”

“Risking yours and others lives to see a dude that had 2 hit singles in 2005?? Y’all really be having too much faith in your immune systems”


Simply insane to have a concert like that at a time like this!

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And all the shade thrown Bow Wow’s way… LOLz! Sorry, sorry, we know, but we can’t help but laugh! Those comments are funny as f**k while being true and shady, too!!!

What do U think about all this drama, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Brian To/WENN]

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