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Accused Serial Rapist Bowen Turner Arrested AGAIN Following Controversial Probation!

Accused Teen Rapist Bowen Turner Arrested AGAIN!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Bowen Turner, a teenager from Orangeburg, South Carolina, who has been accused of sexual assault by three different girls, has been arrested yet again.

As readers may know, Turner was accused of rape by three teenagers from 2018 to 2019. This April, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in the third case (brought forth by Chloe Bess) and was sentenced to just five years of probation — NO JAIL TIME. Turns out his father works in the DA’s office, so naturally folks were outraged he was getting off scot free.

As for the other allegations? The first is still under investigation, and his second victim, Dallas Stoller, died in November 2021. The prosecutor has since decided to drop that case, though the victim’s family is fighting back. Despite all of this, it seems Bowen’s still being left off easily…

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The now 19-year-old was picked up by the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday evening and charged with one count of disorderly conduct, according to public records. He was released from jail on Monday morning after posting a $275.50 bond set by country magistrate Derrick Dash.

According to sources familiar with the case who spoke with local outlet FitsNews, Bowen was spotted “stagger(ing) as he walked” in the middle of the road just outside of town at around 11:30 p.m. on Mother’s Day. A deputy put on their lights and activated a body-worn camera upon approaching. In a police report, they noted:

“A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected from the offender’s breath.”

The teen also reportedly lied to officers by giving “untruthful responses” to his whereabouts. He first claimed he was visiting a local bar before changing his story and saying that he came from “the woods.” After he was arrested, Turner waived his Miranda rights and admitted to consuming three alcoholic beverages at a bar, saying that he purchased them with his credit card. Not only is this illegal considering he’s still underage, but it also violates his terms of probation (though that’s not necessarily saying much; the teenager hasn’t faced any consequences for violating his probation in the past either).

Once he made it to the Orangeburg-Calhoun regional detention center, he was instructed to put on a face mask due to coronavirus protocols, causing him to totally snap. An insider claimed he argued:

“If you try to put that mask on me I will bite your f**king finger off.”

Dang! Once reminded that he was being recorded, Turner agreed to wear the mask. Further details of this case remain unclear, such as how did he manage to get such a low bond given his problematic history?! He also allegedly threatened an officer while being booked yet that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the bond either. It’s also unclear if this arrest will affect his probationary sentence at all. Sigh.

For those that don’t know just how lenient the sentencing was, Bowen was given probation on April 8 after he pleaded guilty to simple assault in connection with a June 2019 arrest on one charge of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. That charge is a felony with a sentencing of 10-30 YEARS. Judge Markley Dennis agreed to the reduced charge and light sentence despite this case being his third sexual assault charge in less than two years. He also didn’t have to register as a sex offender.

Innerestingly, Turner managed to secure this probation despite frequently violating the conditions of his house arrest. Not only did he habitually visit golf courses, shopping centers, restaurants, and various private residences during that time, but he reportedly left the state last December! And authorities are being easy on him?! What the heck?

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Because of all of this, the victims’ families and their legal representatives are outraged, the late Dallas Stoller’s sister, Brette Tabatabai told the outlet:

“I’m unaware of the situation behind the arrest but I do hope no one was hurt and I am disappointed but not surprised given the history that he was let back out on a $275 bond.”

Victims’ attorney Sarah Ford also opened up about the situation, saying:

“Who is surprised by Bowen Turner’s latest arrest? I’m not and I don’t think anyone else should be either. We have an individual who has shown time after time after time that he’s not capable of complying with the law. Our system has given him chance after chance that would not be given if his circumstances were different. We ALL know that. And yet – these victims are told to sit down and wait for ‘justice’ – to find out that it’s just more waiting on a system and procedures that leave their interests out of the equation.”

She also insisted that Turner’s case just proves why many victims “feel victimized by our criminal justice system,” explaining:

“They get put off and told to wait and see what happens at the plea or see what happens at the probation violation hearing or wait until the defendant ‘screws up.’ All the while, the defendant has already offended against the victim and there’s no consequence. It’s just more trauma and heartache and disappointment. The way we’re doing things IS NOT WORKING. It’s got to change. I hope people will be just as angry and frustrated by this latest development as these victims are. And I hope they will join these brave families at Thursday’s rally.”

Dallas and Chloe’s families have set up a rally for Thursday at 9 a.m. outside of the South Carolina State House. For more information on the Stoller’s fight to get their loved one’s case reopened, check out their petition HERE. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Bamberg County Detention Center & Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office]

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