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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Finally Find Peace! Kinda...

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Agree To Peace Talks Which Could Settle HEATED Battle Over Winery!

We never thought we’d see the day Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie actually agreed on something for once — but it’s happening!

The exes have been battling it out in court for decades now. First, over the custody of their shared children following a bitter divorce, and now over their winery, Chateau Miraval. But it finally seems, after long last, that they’re ready to lay down their pitchforks.

On Thursday, got ahold of court documents filed last week amid a dispute over the vineyard, and in the filing, the A-listers each agreed to mediation — which *could* settle their longtime feud! Wow!

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The mediation will serve as an alternative dispute resolution tactic rather than taking the matter to court. Angelina has also said she’s willing to take part in a settlement conference. So, she’s ready to put this all behind her! Which, honestly, is kinda surprising considering her company Nouvel just went on the defense and blasted Brad and others involved in the lawsuit in a seriously scathing legal filing. So, we wonder how she went from that to wanting to settle so quickly!?

As we’ve been covering, the pair bought the French property back in 2008 when they were a happily married couple. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star claims he poured a ton of time and money into the place. He also insists they had an understanding that neither could sell their shares without the other’s consent.

In 2021, the Maleficent star told a court she reached an agreement to sell her interest to an unnamed buyer — and in September, Brad agreed to allow her to move forward with the deal, but he still wanted the right to approve the proposed sale, per TMZ. The Bullet Train lead claims before he knew it, his ex-wife had sold her shares — via Nouvel — to the vodka company Stoli Group, controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler. Brad quickly filed a lawsuit against Angie, asking to undo the deal. And, well, she hit back hard, too!

In the aforementioned latest legal filing which was submitted earlier this month, Nouvel accused Brad and his partners of engaging in “increasingly outrageous actions to retain control” of Miraval from Jolie. Among other things, they claimed he spent millions on unnecessary improvements to the property in the South of France, including rebuilding a staircase FOUR times! They argued:

“Incensed that Jolie sold Nouvel to Stoli rather than him, Pitt has acted like a petulant child, refusing to treat Nouvel as an equal partner in the business.”


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Nouvel is asking for $350 million in damages. While it’s unclear if Brad wants to settle — though it appears likely — he has also appointed a “provisional administrator” to Chateau Miraval, seemingly in an effort to calm the war between him and his ex. Basically, this means an independent person will come in to assess the winery and how it’s run with the goal of ultimately facilitating negotiations between Pitt and Nouvel. And it’s intent is to protect the business, which Brad helped build with wine-makers Famille Perrin. A French insider told the outlet:

“In view of the dispute between Nouvel LLC (controlled by Stoli boss Yuri Shefler) and Mondo Bongo LLC (controlled by Brad Pitt), Chateau Miraval and its director have requested and obtained the appointment of a provisional administrator by the Draguignan (France) Commercial Court, to enable the company and its director to continue to grow the business and its essential partnership with the Perrin Family until such dispute is resolved, in the interests of Château Miraval, its directors, employees, partners and subsidiaries.”

But if all the legal jargon is too much for you, just know this: Brangelina is finally headed toward resolution! At least when it comes to this case! Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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