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Brad Pitt SUES Angelina Jolie -- DETAILS!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in separate interviews

Yet another battle has begun in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ongoing legal war!

According to TMZ, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife over what he views as a shady business move she made a few months back.

It all centers around a winery they bought together over a decade ago. As you may know, the former spouses bought a controlling interest in Chateau Miraval back in 2008, purchasing both the 35-room mansion and the vineyard on the property, which has been the source of their successful wine business.

In the suit, Brad claims he alone made the winery successful because by 2013, the Those Who Wish Me Dead star wasn’t doing much to help. When the couple purchased Miraval — where they tied the knot in 2014, btw — they reportedly made a pact to never sell off their personal interests in the company without the consent of the other.

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But according to Brad, Angie broke that pact in October 2021 when she sold her interests in the company without his knowledge!

In July 2021, the actress went to court and told the judge she reached an agreement to sell her interest to an unnamed person. Brad said he agreed to let Angie pursue the sale in September, but made it clear that he was not consenting to the sale; he would give thumbs up or down to the proposed buyer.

Well, a month later, he was apparently shocked to learn Angie sold her interest to a company called Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of vodka company, Stoli Group, which is by Russian oligarch, Yuri Shefler. Per The Blast, the actor thinks this move is extra shady because Angie allegedly “sold her interest with the knowledge that the new owners would seek to control the business and undermine [Brad’s] own investment in the company that he helped develop.”

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Brad also claims “that the sale deprives him of the right to use the residence as his private home and also robs him of the ability to oversee the company that he helped create. He says that he has continued to invest millions of dollars in Miraval even after Jolie stopped, greatly increasing the value of Miraval through his own efforts,” the outlet reports.

A source close to the actor summed up his frustrations, telling TMZ:

“Unfortunately, this is another example of the same person disregarding her legal and ethical obligations. In doing so, she has violated the rights of the only person who poured money and sweat equity into the success of the business by purporting to sell both the business and family home to a third-party competitor. She is seeking a return on an investment she did not make and profits she did not earn.”


The 58-year-old is suing for an unspecified amount of damages. He also wants the courts to declare her sale to be null and voided.

Do U think these two will ever stop fighting like cats and dogs?

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