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RHOC's Braunwyn Windham-Burke's Kids Call Her Out As An 'Abuser, Liar, And Manipulator'! WHOA!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Kids Slam RHOC Alum For 'Spreading Lies' About Dad Sean -- Claims She Is An ‘Abuser, Liar, And Manipulator’

It appears at least two of Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s children took dad Sean Burke’s side in the divorce…

You may recall the former couple separated back in 2021, a year after she came out as gay. They finalized their divorce two years later. Then, earlier this week, Braunwyn took to social media to get very candid for the first time about the alleged “financial and emotional abuse” she experienced during her 23-year marriage to Sean.

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She wrote that her confession came after learning her “narcissist” ex-husband was “continuing the cycle of abuse and manipulation” with his girlfriend. And the former reality star decided enough was enough. She refused to stay silent any longer. See the post (below):

But not everyone is telling the same story! Some of The Real Housewives of Orange County alum kids caught wind of their mom’s allegations against Sean, and it turns out they are not team Braunwyn. Instead, they came to their dad’s defense on the ‘gram! They claim she was the “narcissist” in the family!

First, Rowan Burke revealed on Instagram she no longer speaks to Braunwyn or her grandmother, Deborah Windham. However, she was over the pair spreading “lies” about Sean and decided to call them out publicly. The 21-year-old wrote:

“I’m done. I’m done. My dad is the kindest most amazing person and the reason I’m still here. He is best friend. He is my rock. She is the narcissist. My grandma and mother. End. Of. Story. I’m done with the lies and I’m done with them trying to blast his name. Maybe for ONCE in my life someone will listen to me. Don’t believe these lies. I obviously know what’s true. And it’s not what she wrote in that caption.”

Whoa! Check out the message (below):

In a follow-up post on Instagram Stories, Rowan claimed her grandma blocked her on social media for speaking out about their strained relationship, adding:

“It looks like my grandma blocked me to erase what I said. But I’ll say it again. I’m done with my mother and grandma spreading lies about my dad online. My dad is amazing. He is my rock, he is my greatest supporter. I only have 1 narcissist [sic] parent and it’s my mother.”

She went on to gush about how Sean is “an amazing dad” who only “ever wanted the best for his kids” before getting in this last dig at Braunwyn and Deborah:

“Unlike my mother and grandma who can’t think of anyone outside of themselves. Really mature, grandma. Trying to silence me again. It won’t work. I’m done with your lies.”

Oof. And Rowan isn’t the only one of her kids to slam Braunwyn! Jacob Burke — who goes by he/him/she/her pronouns — later took to IG Stories with similar allegations about the Bravo personality. The 18-year-old called out Braunwyn for being an “abuser, liar, and manipulator,” saying:

“Hi! It’s Jacob, braunwyns [sic] son, I’m the one who did drag on the show. My mother is an abuser, liar, and manipulator. I believe in 2nd chances, but not 20th chances. My mom will not be happy about me writing this, tbh I am quite scared, but she has been harassing my dad for many years now, and last time she called me she yelled at me for talking to my dad’s gf, so idk. Bye, gunna log off insta for another 3 years.”

And things escalated from there! Jacob then dropped another post, begging Braunwyn not to SUE! What! Did she say something to the teen following the post? Would she really take legal action against her own child?! He wrote:

“This is just my opinion by the way, so don’t sue me. I’m only taking this online, since she did, there’s a lot more private, and hopefully we keep it private since nobody besides the family need to be involved. I think it is very inappropriate for anything to be posted, for both me and her. I’ve tried to have real conversations with her over the past years and she either denied my problems, said what I saw and experienced weren’t true, or dodged an apology. Not much has changed. By for real, again my opinion.”

A messy, messy, messy situation…

What does Braunwyn have to say about her kids’ allegations? Well, she responded in a statement to Page Six and said she actually “expected” this reaction from the duo for speaking out against Sean!

“I expected there to be retaliation after speaking my truth online. Narcissistic triangulation is a very real and classic thing, and I am sad this is happening to my family. I love all of my children dearly, and I hope healing can take place on all sides.”

Rowan and Jacob don’t seem to be on the same page as Braunwyn about mending fences, at least not right now! Reactions to the family drama? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Rowan Burke/Instagram]

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