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Brian Laundrie STILL ALIVE?! Email Makes Wild Legal Claim As Part Of Family's Estate Filing!

Brian Laundrie Alive Video December 2021 Legal Filing Parents Estate

OK, this case has been the subject of more than its share of conspiracy theories, but this is RIDICULOUS! …right??

As you may have heard, a couple weeks back Brian Laundrie‘s parents filed a Summary Administration petition to be named beneficiaries of their son’s estate, something families often have to do after suddenly losing loved ones very young. After all, very few 23-year-olds think to write a will.

We learned very early on that motion date for the petition was scheduled for January 18 but was canceled for an unknown reason. Over the past couple days we’ve gotten some ideas as to why — it turns out this is going to be as much of a circus as the rest of the Gabby Petito search and investigation.

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The latest twist? An email was filed as part of the estate case which makes the outrageous claim that Chris and Roberta Laundrie can’t collect their son’s $20,000 savings. Why? Well, because simply:

“Brian Laundrie is still alive.”

That was the bombshell claim an unknown sender made, alleging there is even video proof. The US Sun obtained a copy of the letter, which included grainy screenshots of footage from CCTV footage which was recorded THIS MONTH — over six weeks after Brian’s body was discovered. The email pledged:

“…[A] photo of Brian Christopher Laundrie running down from the street caught on CCTV on December 3, 2021 is attached.”

The sender explained they were sending the letter to stop the petition with the shocking evidence:

“So, I don’t think you should not grant a cremate for Brian Christopher Laundrie, who is the son of Roberta and Christopher Laundrie.”

Court documents obtained by the outlet noted “no further action” was taken in response to the email. Not too surprising — it doesn’t sound like the most reliable source.

As you probably know, it was back in November that Brian Laundrie’s remains were found in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. The FBI announced soon after that the body was identified by dental records.

So what’s going on here? It’s likely this footage shows yet another lookalike. During the monthlong search for the person of interest in Gabby’s murder, quite a few young men with bald heads and slim builds were mistaken for Brian. Heck, even his mother was mistaken for him apparently.

No, Brian Laundrie is dead. And as much as internet sleuths may wish there were more answers coming about Gabby’s death from her fiancé, it’s just not happening.

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram]

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