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Dog Was Right! Laundrie Family Lawyer Confirms Parents Went Camping With Brian!

dog bounty hunter brian laundrie camp confirmed

It’s still unclear whether Dog The Bounty Hunter will be the one to find Brian Laundrie, but it sure looks like he’s on the right trail!

As we reported, the reality star joined the search for Gabby Petito’s missing fiancé over the weekend, and alleged on Monday that Laundrie’s parents went camping with him after he returned from his cross-country road trip without Gabby. (Which lined up with a neighbor who claimed to have seen the Laundries going on a camping trip.)

Well, it looks like Dog’s lead checked out, as the attorney for Brian’s parents just confirmed that all three family members did go camping in a Florida national park just five days before Gabby was reported missing.

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Unsurprisingly, there is some discrepancy between Dog’s claims and lawyer Steven Bertolino’s account. Dog charged that Laundrie’s parents went to Fort De Soto with the 23-year-old from September 6 to 8 — and left without him. Bertolino, meanwhile, said all three family members camped together at De Soto on September 6, and left together the following day.

He said, per Fox 13:

“They all left the park.”

It’s an interesting reveal, seeing as Bertolino previously blasted Dog’s claims as “false,” telling press at the time:

“I will no longer give that dog credibility or dignify his false claims with the time of my reply.”

The other thing that hurts his credibility vs Dog’s? This is the first time the family’s rep has come forward with this clearly helpful information! Would they ever have admitted this if they hadn’t been forced into it by the investigative prowess of a reality star??

Dog (real name Duane Chapman) said he also received a tip that the Laundrie family went to the same campsite after he came back alone from Wyoming, staying there from September 1 to 3, but no records back this up.

While officials reconfigure their manhunt based on new evidence, Dog is hoping to get the chance to speak with Laundrie’s father, as he believes that Chris and Roberta Laundrie likely know more than they are letting on.

In an interview with Dr. Oz on Tuesday, the manhunter explained that parents know where their kids are “50 percent of the time” when they have been accused of a crime, adding that another 35 percent of parents help with the search. The 68-year-old, who was convicted of first-degree murder in the 1970s and spent five years in prison before turning his life around, shared:

“I wanna talk to his dad and explain the difference between involuntary manslaughter and murder one out of Wyoming. In murder one, you’re facing the death penalty. A manslaughter is a life sentence with the possibility of parole. I wanted to explain to him, ‘I know exactly what you’re going through right now. As a matter of fact, I personally went through it.’ So, I just wanted to talk to the dad.”

Brian has been named a person of interest in the investigation into the homicide of his fiancée, whose remains were found in Wyoming after she was reported missing on September 11. There is a warrant out for his arrest, but it’s for using a debit card that didn’t belong to him, presumed to be Gabby’s after her death.

Do U think Dog will track Brian down before law enforcement does?

[Image via YouTube/A&E]

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