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Brielle Biermann Says 2 'Very Well-Known' Male Bravolebrities Keep Sliding Into Her DMs!

RHOA Star Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Brielle Biermann Hints At ‘Very Well-Known’ Men In Her DMs… & They’re NOT Single!

Brielle Biermann is serving up some MAJOR tea.

While stopping by the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast for Monday’s episode, the 25-year-old revealed she’s been on the receiving end of some persistent Instagram messages from some not-so-single men. Oof, here we go…

The daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak shared: 

“There are some very interesting direct messages, actually, from a lot of different people.”

She went on to reveal that some of the many “very well-known” men who message her “are married or have a girlfriend.” And among the guys looking to DM outside the bounds of their relationship? — “two people from Bravo“!


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Obviously she didn’t say which Bravolebrities pulled an Adam Levine, or this would have been a very different story. But Bravo fans are SMART — we wonder if they can track them down through Instagram likes or something… Hmmm, certainly gets the mind spinning…

Brielle did describe the content of some of the messages, recalling: 

“‘Hi, you’re so beautiful.’ Or they’ll send me one of my posts and be like, ‘Wow.’ Or they’ll just send me an emoji.”

Not just an emoji on her post, where everyone can see. They send them privately. Like they don’t want their partners to know… She continued: 

“The fact that they’re sending an emoji, they’re saying ‘hi,’ like, bothers me. Cause if my man ever did that to somebody, I’d be f**king like, ‘We’re done. Bye! Have fun with them.’”

Preach it! Even though it bothers her, she claims she never loses it on any of these guys. In fact, she doesn’t respond to any of the messages, as she explains: 

“I want to tell someone so bad, but I just can’t ’cause I don’t trust anybody with that type of information. I don’t wanna expose or hurt anybody.”

Ooh, she’s being more merciful than a lot of folks would. Would YOU share DMs from married celebs??

Brielle did reveal there’s one person she can trust with all this hot goss, though: momma Kim! The KAB Cosmetics co-founder explained she and her reality star mother are particularly pestered by “one person in particular that will just not leave” her alone. She complained:

“We don’t know what to do here. Like, I don’t want to ruin a marriage or relationship, but I’m not responding — I’ve never responded — but it won’t stop. We’re just like, ‘I cannot believe the balls these men have.’”

She added:

“Like, if you don’t respond, that’s almost stalking — if you just keep getting DMs. People are weird. I don’t get it. Like, what do they think? That they’re never going to get caught?”


The brunette beauty later clarified that the relentless solicitor she and Kim are baffled by is “not from Bravo,” and is NOT Alex Rodriguez, who infamously got caught messaging Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm. LOLz! But it IS someone famous… Inneresting.

The Bravolebrity went on to divulge that some of the men who are in her DMs even have girlfriends that FOLLOW HER! She explained: 

“I’ll go to [the guy’s] page, and I’ll see, like, make sure their girlfriend is — is she gone? Like, how long ago were these pictures? And I’ll go to her page, and it says, ‘Follow back.’ And I’m like, here we go — it’s probably how they found me.”

The nerve! Ugh, these poor girls.

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Brielle wrapped up the discussion with a note that Machine Gun Kelly is NOT one of the men attempting to pursue her either — but admitted if he and fiancée Megan Fox came knocking, she wouldn’t be opposed, musing: 

“I would take both of them for a night.”

LOLz! Girl knows what she wants — and what she doesn’t! What are your thoughts on the piping hot tea, Perezcious readers? Spill in the comments (below)!

[Images via Brielle Biermann/Instagram & Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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