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Britney Spears' Mom Responds To Allegations She Called Daughter's Ex Columbus Short The N-Word

Britney Spears Columbus Short Mother Lynn N-Word

As the #FreeBritney movement heats up, Britney Spears‘ family is coming under more and more scrutiny.

But while most of the focus is on the Toxic singer’s father Jamie Spears and his controlling conservatorship, this little scandal is equally spreading the guilt to momma Lynne Spears.

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Scandalous Scandal star Columbus Short released a memoir in 2020 called Short Stories, and one particular short story from the tell-all is getting a lot of attention this week.

Short says when he was working with Britney as a dancer in 2003 that she pursued him romantically, culminating in the two of them sleeping together during a visit to Rome.  He says it was shortly after that he was sitting next to the pop star during a call with her parents:

“I was next to [Britney] while she was on the phone with them crying while she had it on speaker.”

The speaker part is crucial because he claims he distinctly heard her folks say:

“‘Why are you f**king that n*****?'”

Yowza. He continued:

“Britney looked at me so apologetically, knowing I’d heard it. I shook my head and didn’t say anything, because what was there to say?”

The story of mistreatment surfaced recently after Short gave an interview on Jazzie Belle‘s Inside Hollywood show on YouTube. He told the host about the incident:

“I wasn’t shocked when it happened. Look where they’re from… they’re from Louisiana. The way it came out was so effortless, like that’s how they speak. I wasn’t shocked and I wasn’t hurt by it, I was just like, ‘Wow, this is… OK… I know who I am around here.’ Because they have black bodyguards doesn’t mean behind closed doors they don’t use that word.”

Sadly it’s true. As we’re learning more and more, there is more racism out there than you would expect — and not relegated to those from the Deep South either.

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However, Lynne at least does not want her name associated with that kind of hurtful language. She told Page Six of the incident:

“I want to be very clear. Those terrible words are not remotely in my vocabulary. I would never say that to anyone, much less my daughter. Ever.”

A source close to Jamie also denied the incident, telling the outlet:

“Jamie was not there, and not involved. In fact, during this time period, Jamie was not involved in Britney’s business at all.”

Hmm. Guess we wouldn’t have expected them to confirm such an awful story.

As for Columbus and Britney’s relationship after that, the troubled actor told Belle even though he wasn’t hurt by that incident, the racial friction with her parents became palpable in another way:

“After that I felt like maybe [Britney] was using me to piss them off for some reason.”

Really?? That’s quite a claim — but he thinks he understands her mindset at the time:

“I think she is a really sweet person that was tormented in a position on a high level that I can’t imagine. I liken it to Princess Diana. She was the pop princess. Britney couldn’t go nowhere — her world [was] completely controlled in this bubble. There would be times that she would act out, and I don’t blame her. She was trying to find her way.”

He concluded, in reference to what she’s going through now:

“I love Britney to this day… I feel bad for her. I wish the world knew the Britney I knew.”

What do YOU think of Columbus’ claim? We’ve certainly heard some other icky accusations lobbed in Jamie’s direction lately… could either of them have done this??

See the whole interview for yourself (below)!

[Image via Apega/Jody Cortes/WENN.]

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