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Why Britney Spears Is Done With Botox!

Britney Spears is done with botox after "reverse effects"

Britney Spears is so over Botox!

On Friday, the 41-year-old singer took to Instagram to go on a little rant about why she vowed to “never again” get the cosmetic procedure done. And let’s just say, she did not hold back her feelings about it! Britney explained she had gotten Botox in the past. However, she ended up experiencing some “reverse effect.” As the pop sensation put it, she looked “like somebody beat the s**t out of me.” Yikes! Britney wrote in the caption:

“OK … I have a big forehead and I seriously need bangs but I feel like I can’t see sometimes with bangs !!! I’m sharing this because it actually really does work. Too many times, these so-called ‘best doctors’ do amazing Botox. Never again in Los Angeles. My first time, I just did lips in New York City. WAY different than LA … so subtle, it was an adorable pout !!!! The place had all hardwood floors and was raw. For probably 10 to 15 years, I haven’t had mine done right, and what’s with the times when one eyebrow is up and one is down ? I can’t even be seen for 2 weeks. My friend’s sisters think it’s funny and laugh but I’d like to see what they would do if someone did that to their face. OK … so maybe in a movie like ‘Just Go with It’ where that girl’s eyebrows are messed up, that’s funny.”

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She continued:

“But not in real life when one eye is black and blue and way higher than the other ????. I cried and then I’m like, when is this gonna go away? ‘Oh, just give it a week or two.’ Sometimes the nerves act that way and have a reverse effect, and I’m like, ‘I look like somebody beat the shit out of me’ !!! So of course, I go back and show the doctor. She says that’s completely normal, and I said, ‘then why can’t I go anywhere for two weeks?’ and my friend’s sisters laughed. F**K BOTOX, it is horrific !!!”

DAMN! In an accompanying video, the momma of two further recalled how Botox caused her forehead to swell and her eyelids to “droop over” for a few weeks. Oof. After shelling out thousands of dollars only for it give her disastrous effects, she no longer gets the use for it:

“I did Botox, and I wasn’t really happy with it because it swelled up my forehead. Therefore made the heaviness of my eyelids droop over, and it literally looked like someone beat me up. And to pay that much money to look like someone beat you up for the first two weeks… What’s the point.”

In replacement of Botox, Britney shared with fans she swears by SiO beauty patches, which “lifts my forehead without all those needles, the cost and, perhaps by chance, them doing too much Botox and making your eyes droop over.” Hmm. Well, how about that?! You can ch-ch-check out her entire video (below):

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