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Britney Spears 'Doing Everything She Can' To Be Released From Mental Health Facility As Her Conservatorship Gets Court Hearing

Britney Spears ready to leave mental health facility

Britney Spears is more than ready to free herself from the mental health facility she’s been staying at for the past month.
According to TMZ, the pop icon will be checking herself out of the Los Angeles-area treatment center where she’s been for the past 28 days as early as Thursday. However, she’s reportedly still struggling with one big issue: her medication.
Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell the outlet that Brit’s mental state has improved immensely since she checked herself into the facility earlier this month, but doctors have still yet to concoct the right drug cocktail for her.
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These insiders say that doctor’s efforts to figure out the right formula for the 37-year-old is still a “work in progress,” and they’ll continue to work with her after she leaves the facility.
The TMZ sources note that while finding the right mixture of meds is paramount for the Toxic songstress’s long-term mental health, Britney did NOT check into the facility to get her meds right: she apparently went to get her mind stable.
In that regard, the insiders say she’s doing “a lot better” and will most definitely be leaving the treatment center by the end of the week.

As it turns out, Spears is just as eager as her fans to free herself from this treatment center. According to an ET insider, the pop icon is missing her autonomy and is more than ready to make the steps to get back to her normal life.
The insider dished:

“Britney knows she needs help but has made it clear she wants to go home. She feels far better than she did when she arrived and hates feeling under a microscope. While she is finally on the right path to getting healthy again, Britney does miss her autonomy. She is under constant care both in and out of the facility. At this point, she is doing everything she can to return home and hopes to be released soon.”

Britney’s impending release should ease the minds of the fans who have been concerned by the rumors floating around about the mother-of-two’s situation.
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As we reported, an unnamed legal source recently claimed that the Grammy-winner did NOT check herself into the facility voluntarily, as was originally reported, and was being held there against her will at the hands of her father, Jamie Spears — who became her sole conservator this year after former co-conservator, attorney Andrew Wallet, resigned in March.
The allegation sparked an intense wave of worry from fans concerned about her well-being, prompting the songstress to share a video update on her mental health earlier this week. In the Instagram post, she assured fans that “all is well” and that she would be back in the spotlight soon.

Britney Spears instagram update mental health
“All is well…” / (c) Britney Spears/Instagram

But supporters still weren’t convinced that Britney was in control of her situation, especially after her former manager Sam Lutfi suggested that she was forced by her management to break her social media silence. The controversy caused many to question the nature of her conservatorship and wonder just how much, if any, freedom she had.
Interestingly enough, her conservatorship will be called into question in court next month. According to court docs obtained by ET on Wednesday, a judge set a status hearing for May 10. Britney will not need to be present.
It’s unclear why a new status hearing was set… perhaps the judge is a fan of the Britney’s Gram podcast and caught the episode that accuses her father of some dastardly deeds?
Either way, we’re so ready for Britney to be back on her own feet. Sound like she is, too!
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