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Brittany Aldean Addresses Transphobic Backlash -- With Two VERY Different Takes!

Brittany Aldean Addresses Transphobic Comment Backlash Twice -- With Two VERY Different Vibes!

Country music star Jason Aldean‘s wife is doubling down on her transphobic stance and the very public feud that came after it.

Brittany Aldean has been at the center of an intense celebrity spat that played out on social media over the last few days. As we’ve been reporting, it all started when the mom of two took to Instagram to thank her parents “for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase.” Predictably (and correctly), country crooner Maren Morris did not react well to the perceived anti-transgender call-out. From there, the firestorm was on, with Maren’s partner Ryan Hurd jumping into the fray to weigh in, too.

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Now, Brittany has returned to IG for more. The Charlotte native took to her Stories twice on Monday with somewhat different takes on the tense social media dust-up. In the first, she quoted conservative political pundit, Robby Starbuck, with a commentary on sticking to one’s beliefs and riding out the controversy and criticism that may come from sharing them:

“If you are silent about your beliefs because you are worried someone will be offended, then your beliefs are not that important to you, but rather what people think about you is. When you stand up for what’s right and true, you will receive both hate and love, but everyone will know what you are fighting for.”

Brittany Aldean Addresses Transphobic Comment Backlash Twice -- With Two VERY Different Vibes!
Brittany addressed her beliefs on Monday morning. / (c) Brittany Aldean/Instagram


But in the second slide, posted later on Monday evening, the blonde appeared to take a more mature and conciliatory strategy with the controversy. Quoting brain health coach Kayla Barnes in her second slide, Brittany wrote:

“Having compassion not only benefits others but benefits you. We’re living in a world of unparalleled outrage; everyone is mad about everything. If they don’t have a reason to be mad, they will find one. Don’t be that person.”

Huh. That’s definitely a different attitude than the first post. And Brittany wasn’t done, either. She continued with the rest of this quote:

“Try to find common ground, show grace, and know that most of the time, when someone is projecting their anger onto you, it is simply a reflection of unhappiness and brokenness inside. Be good. Even when you don’t want to. Over time it will become your natural reaction. Your mood and overall happiness will reap the benefits.”

Brittany Aldean Addresses Transphobic Comment Backlash Twice -- With Two VERY Different Vibes!
Brittany clearly calmed down a bit on Monday night! / (c) Brittany Aldean/Instagram


Maren hasn’t weighed in specifically on Brittany’s latest posts. However, the Chasing After You singer did share a link in her IG Stories to information on gender-affirming care from the Scientific American on Monday, as well. So that’s good!! Still not as good as her “Insurrection Barbie” comment to Brittany at the start of this feud, but we digress…

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Did you expect Jason’s wife to get so downright “bless your heart” with her seemingly transphobic takes?? Share your thoughts down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Brittany Aldean/Instagram]

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