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She’s gonna start turning tricks on Lafayette Street!

According to reports, the Park Avenue YouTube divorcee, Tricia Walsh-Smith, is claiming that her ass is broke.

On Monday, outside a Manhattan courthouse, Walsh-Smith said she’s she’s practically penniless, even though she can still live on Park Ave.

Through the media she calls out to her husband, “Just do the decent thing. Let me have a roof over my head.”


The Supreme Court Justice overseeing the divorce said Walsh-Smith is free to remain at the Park Ave. pad until after the couple’s divorce trial next month.

The wackadoodle divorcee had a career as a playwright before she married Mr. Moneybags, a big-time Broadway theater owner and producer.

Looks like it’s time for Walsh-Smith to start writing new material to sell.

Welcome back to the real world, where you have to work for your money!

[Image via WENN.]

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May 20, 2008 15:15pm PDT

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