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Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Her Silence On KUWTK Ending: 'I Heard It On The News, Nobody Called Me'

Caitlyn Jenner opens up about the ending of KUWTK!

Caitlyn Jenner is opening up with her take on the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

And though she may have been there for the very start of the show fourteen years ago alongside then-wife Kris Jenner, it’s clear Caitlyn had absolutely no say on how things ended… because she didn’t even know it was wrapping until she heard about it on the news, like all the rest of us! Whoa! Talk about out of the loop!

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The 70-year-old reality TV star and former lead on I Am Cait spoke via satellite feed with the hosts of The Morning Show on Wednesday, opening up to Australian TV viewers about her reactions to the end of KUWTK and the KarJenner girls all going their separate ways!

Interestingly, while the former decathlete readily admits she wasn’t aware of the decision to end the show, she didn’t exactly sound surprised about it, either. Sharing her thoughts on the end of the Kardashian era — at least on TV, that is — Caitlyn said:

“I heard it on the news. Nobody called me, I heard it through the media. Was I surprised? No, but that show… it’s probably the greatest reality show in history. There are over 500 episodes, 14 years. These girls have done just an amazing job to keep the show going, come up with material.”

Interesting! But it’s even more interesting to see that Cait didn’t seem bitter about being left out of the loop! In fact, she was beyond deferential to both momager Kris and the KarJenner girls for their TV expertise, quickly adding:

“I remember the first meeting we had with E!, and we were sitting in the room, the girls, Kris, and myself, and they said, ‘well we don’t know if we get it, but we’ll order six shows.’ One camera doing six shows. We got about four shows in and then they ordered 12 shows. And it went from there, and it just seems like it never stopped. The girls and Kris have done an amazing job with the show, and keeping it going this long. But everybody’s in a different place now, and I think it’s time to move on. What a run. Nothing lasts forever, and shows do come and go. This one has by far done the best, I think, of any reality show in history. So at some point it’s going to come to an end, you know?”

That last part is very true! Nothing lasts forever!

And Caitlyn is objectively right about the girls being in different places now than they were over the past 14 years; Kim Kardashian WestKourtney KardashianKhloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner have all become mothers, while Kendall Jenner is off in the modeling world. Kim and Kylie have billion-dollar business obligations, Kourt has lifestyle brand Poosh, and Khloé has dipped her toes into other TV ventures along with a fashion line.

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Even while on the outs, though, Caitlyn still beamed with pride when asked to sum up her reaction to the culmination of all the girls’ hard work. The Olympic legend said:

“I don’t know the inner workings of all the family, you’d have to ask them. But I know all of the kids have moved on into their own areas. Kendall, [being a] top model in the world, she works really hard at that. Kylie got into the cosmetic world, Kim got into the cosmetic world, the shape wear business, she’s studying to be a lawyer, she’s got four kids, the list goes on and on. They have very busy lives, and they’ve all branched out into other things, and I think they really want to pursue the other things probably more right now because that’s where their future is.”

Well said!

You can watch Cait’s full interview (below) where she talks about living through the pandemic, and what fans can expect on her brand new YouTube channel:

Well there you have it, Perezcious readers! One more original member of the KUWTK cast saying her goodbyes to the iconic reality TV mainstay. R U gonna miss the show? Now that you’ve had some time to process the news, what will U miss most about KUTWK? Or do you think it ran its course and should’ve ended a while ago??

Sound OFF with your take on reality TV’s royal family and more down in the comments (below)!

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