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Paris Hilton Defends 'Innocent' Britney Spears, Dishes On KUWTK Ending, & More!

Paris Hilton defends Britney Spears and talks KUWTK ending

Paris Hilton just wants the best for her famous friends!

The Simple Life alum called into Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live on Wednesday and opened up about her new YouTube documentary This Is Paris. During the conversation, the pop culture icon got candid about her traumatizing boarding school experience — and revealed whether or not the Provo Canyon School has reacted to the abuse claims she made in the doc.

But, of course, the Bravo host didn’t forget to ask for some tea about the heiress’ most famous friends, like Kim Kardashian West and Britney Spears!

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After Cohen brought up the recent comments Paris made about the Toxic singer’s controversial conservatorship, the reality star admitted that she does, in fact, still hang out with the Pop Princess, telling the host:

“Yeah, I saw her this summer. We’ve had dinners, I saw her in Malibu. I just love her so much. I feel like if you are an adult you should be able to live your life and not be controlled. I think that maybe stems from me being controlled so much so I can understand how that would feel and I cant imagine right now if that was still happening to me. After just working your whole life and working so hard, she’s this icon and I just feel like she has no control of her life whatsoever and I just don’t think that’s fair.”

Wow. Sounds like something a true friend would say!

When asked if she ever talks to Brit — “as her friend” — about the conservatorship, however, she explained:

“No, I don’t like bringing things up like that. She is so sweet and so innocent and such a nice girl. We just talk about happy things. Music, fashion… fun things. I never like to bring up negative things and make people feel uncomfortable so I’ve never talked about it with her.”

Makes sense. No one likes being a buzzkill — but #FreeBritney supporters might be upset over this response!

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The host then asked what Paris thought about the shocking news that Keeping Up With the Kardashians would be ending after 20 seasons, to which she replied:

“I’m so proud of [Kim] and we’ve been friends since we were little girls. I just think it’s incredible with her, her whole family, what they have done, the empires they’ve built. Super impressive. It makes me so proud to see my friend succeed… I was really surprised [to hear the show was ending]. I’m sure they are so busy focusing on their empires. That’s what happened when I left The Simple Life. I wanted to focus on being a business woman and I really wasn’t interested in the reality tv world. They’ve been doing it for 20 seasons, they’re probably just want to live their lives and enjoy what they’ve built.”

Sounds about right!

Elsewhere in the interview, the 39-year-old shared a cute story about how the KKW Beauty mogul encouraged her to freeze her eggs, sharing:

“This was a couple years ago and we were just talking at her holiday party. I don’t know how it came up but we were talking about it and she said ‘I think every woman should do it. It’s really important to have that’ and I think it’s great just to be able to control and get to choose when you want and also you get the most perfect one, babies. Obviously they get the best of the best out of there. I am so happy that I did that. Then you can pick if you want twins, if you want a boy, if you want a girl, you basically control the whole thing which I love. You know I love to be in control.”

Ch-ch-check out the clips of the interview (below) to hear Paris talk more about Britney, Kim, and how she’s rallying other survivors who suffered alleged abuse at Provo Canyon School.

[Image via Avalon/WENN]

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