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Camila Cabello Responds To Blackface Accusations Over A Dancer In Her Jimmy Fallon Performance

Camila Cabello Responds To Accusations That Her Dancer Wore Blackface During Jimmy Fallon Performance

Camila Cabello has come under fire for the debut performance of her new single, Don’t Go Yet.

On Friday, the 24-year-old singer appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a live version of the track. Joining Camila onstage were several dancers, who were all dressed in ‘80s costumes to mirror the theme of the new song’s music video. Take a look at the performance (below):


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However, some social media users soon noticed that one of her dancers’ wore extremely dark stage makeup and soon accused the singer of using blackface in her performance. In response to the tweets, Cabello took to Twitter to post a note app apology in a thread that initially promoted the performance, and her team as a place of “kindness, joy, and love.” The former Fifth Harmony member wrote alongside a picture of the dancer backstage:

“So, this dude was just supposed to be a white man with a terrible spray tan. We purposefully tried to pull together a multicultural group of performers, the expectation was not that everyone in the performance needed to be Latin. There are white people, African American people, Latin people, etc. and so the point wasn’t to try to make everyone look Latin either. There are a lot of people in the performance who are not.”

Camila ended the message, saying:

“The point was to try to make each person look like an over-the-top 80’s character just like in the video, including a white dude with a terrible orange spray tan.”

Yeah, that still does not make this situation right…. at all. Take a look at the tweet (below):


Despite the supposed intent, many fans also felt that the end result was unacceptable and argued that Camila had not actually acknowledged what she did wrong. One person wrote:

“This is not an apology, it wasn’t OK and offended a lot of people! There was no need for it.”

Another viewer commented:

“like y’all clearly didn’t achieve the vibe you wanted, and it never should have been attempted. I don’t personally love your ‘explanation’, but regardless of your intentions, people ARE offended by what you did. You need to apologize and do better.”

And a third follower really reflected a majority of the posts in the comments section, expressing:

“You’re 24 years old and you’re not a kid anymore, stop acting like one. Honestly, that excuse just made it worse. It was better not to say anything. It’s not the first time this has happened and it’s always the same excuse. I love you with all my heart but that was really a shame.”

In case you have no idea what they were talking about, Camila has previously faced backlash after some resurfaced Tumblr posts revealed her reblogging posts that contained the N-word and other super offensive terms. Following the scandal, Camila said she attended weekly racial healing sessions to educate herself on the issues. She told People at the time:

“It created a space where I was held accountable. You get corrected, you have homework, and you learn. That’s how you move forward. Now I know better, so I can do better.”

What do YOU think about Camila’s performance and so-called “apology,” Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via WENN/Avalon, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

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