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Camila Cabello Apologizes After Her VERY Racist Old Tumblr Resurfaces!

Camila Cabello Racist Tumblr Apology

Camila Cabello is apologizing for her racist past!

Her longtime fans may be all too familiar with these issues already, but the former Fifth Harmony member has gotten a lot more famous over the past year or so, and with that always comes more scrutiny.

So now a much larger segment of the populace are seeing a tumblr account full of racist posts by a teen Camila for the first time.

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The tumblr resurfaced on a fan account (not a fan of Camila’s, obvi! lolz!) on Twitter on Tuesday. The page (called @motivatefenty) linked to the vous-etess-belle account, which has been deleted in the hours since, and provided plenty of proof it belonged to Cabello.

There’s a lot more reblogged racism where that came from, most of which seems to have been from when Camila was about 15 years old.

The singer previously addressed her problematic past in a 2018 interview in The Sunday Times, saying she had learned better since then. However, seeing this was coming up again led the Señorita singer to write out a lengthier, more thoughtful apology on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. She began:

“When I was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever. I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it.

I apologized then and I apologize again now. I would never intentionally hurt anyone and I regret it from the bottom of my heart.”

She continued:

“As much as I wish I could, I can’t go back in time and change things I said in the past. But once you know better, you do better and that’s all I can do.

I’m 22 now, I’m an adult and I’ve grown and learned and am conscious and aware of the history and the pain it carries in a way I wasn’t before. Those mistakes don’t represent the person I am or a person I’ve ever been. I only stand and have ever stood for love and inclusivity, and my heart has never, even then, had any ounce of hate or divisiveness.”

Thankfully she doesn’t defend the content, but she does say she has changed:

“The truth is I was embarrassingly ignorant and unaware. I use my platform to speak out about injustice and inequality and I’ll continue doing that. I can’t say enough how deeply sorry and ashamed I feel, and I apologize again from the bottom of my heart.”

It’s a good apology. But we do have a question…

Why did the racist posts stay up for years after the fact if she was so embarrassed, yet the apology was posted in a form which would disappear in 24 hours? That seems odd…

Look, we absolutely believe people should be not just encouraged to grow and learn and change but also ALLOWED to do so. Racism isn’t like a birthmark, it’s learned behavior. And thankfully it can be unlearned.

But is this an example of taking responsibility? Or trying to put a spin on a bad PR situation?

What do YOU think??

[Image via WENN/Instar/tumblr.]

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