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Cardi B Basically Says She'll Always Forgive Offset For Cheating

Cardi B Offset Cheating Scandal Forgiveness Second Chance

Well, this is awkward.

Cardi B is one of four cover girls for the January issue of Vogue, and for her profile piece she gets raw and real about taking back her man Offset after his infamous cheating scandal.

However, her realness kinda rings hollow after what appears to be yet another dalliance for the Migos rapper — and her unerring (and inexplicable) defense of him.

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In the interview, which was conducted on “an early-autumn afternoon,” Cardi opened up about what it’s like having the Greek chorus of her 55 million plus Instagram followers.

She explains:

“When me and my husband got into our issues — you know, he cheated and everything — and I decided to stay with him and work together with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; a lot of women felt disappointed in me.

But it’s real-life s**t. If you love somebody and you stop being with them, and you’re depressed and social media is telling you not to talk to that person because he cheated, you’re not really happy on the inside until you have the conversation.

Then, if you get back with them, it’s like, how could you? You let all of us down. People that be in marriages for years, when they say till death do us part, they not talking about little arguments like if you leave the fridge open. That’s including everything.”

Is it just us or is saying you’re willing to stay through anything giving certain types of spouse carte blanche to take advantage of you?

Because “everything” doesn’t mean everything everything. No one expects you to honor and obey your hubby if you find out he has a secret family in the basement. Or if he starts retweeting Candace Owens.

There are plenty of extenuating circumstances which people understand to be crossing the line — and cheating is one of them.

But for Cardi it wasn’t a dealbreaker. Why? She explains:

“I believe in forgiveness. I prayed on it. Me and my husband, we prayed on it. We had priests come to us. And we just came to an understanding like, bro, it’s really us against the world.

They had priests come to them? What, like an exorcism??

The power of Cardi compels you???

Max Von Sydow Priest GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Trying to cure unfaithfulness with faith — we guess that makes a kind of sense in a way? Though it doesn’t seem to be working…

Just last week Offset got called out by his previous cheating partnerJade, who showed in an IG video she had gotten a DM from him telling her how much he missed her.

Offset claimed he had been hacked, even showing off some uncharacteristic tweets about liking balls in his face — though the timeline doesn’t make sense as the “hacked” tweets seemed to all come after he was busted and not during the time of the DM.

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So that makes it so much sadder reading what Cardi said next about infidelity.

She goes on to tell Vogue while she believes in forgiveness she also doesn’t take cheating lightly at all:

“He has my back for everything, I have his back for everything, so when you cheat, you’re betraying the person that has your back the most. Why would you do that? We have come to a clear understanding. For me, monogamy is the only way. I’ll beat your ass if you cheat on me.”

Anyone else getting mixed signals here though?

Because the first time, she took him back. And the second time? She went along with a very flimsy excuse why it didn’t happen.

Neither of those looks like beating ass to us.

We know Cardi loves this man, but it just seems to us she’s let him off the hook, and we all know what happens when someone gets away with it. They just end up doing it again… And again…

And frankly she deserves better.

[Image via Brian To/WENN/Jade/Instagram.]

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